"An easy QB to read ... He does exactly what he is supposed to"

     I have heard nothing but excuse making and blaming the offensive coordinator the head coach, and everyone else on the offense.  There have been very few of us that have accepted that Henne might have actually had some blame for the offense that he was running.

     Ed Reed said after the game, "He is an easy QB to read, because he does exactly what he is supposed to do."  I also have heard that each play has a home run, a single, double, and triple, but he was constantly checking down to the single.  He would also frequently check into max protect because the defense got him worried and he didn't feel comfortable about the protection.

     You might make the case that Henning and Sparano drilled that into his head so much that he just couldn't break that.  The question I have to ask is when does he start taking control of the offense and make it his?  You can cry that they won't take the reigns off of him like his is a puppet and they are still holding the strings but in the end he has no strings when he walks out onto the field.  When reporters ask him about the offensive game plan or play-calling, I have heard Henne even say that Henning has told him that if he wants to put in the time they can do things his way.. he refused.  What exactly will it take for him to take control and make this offense his?

      Now I will agree that Henning needs to go-- I have said that before.  I might even be on board that Sparano needs to go if we don't start seeing some results.  What I want to see out of Sparano is for us to blow out a bad team.  We have too many games where we keep bad teams in the game until the last possession.  I want to see a game where we are so far out in front we put in our backup QB. 

     If I hear again that this might hurt his confidence I am going to throw up.  If his confidence is hurt by this and he can't recover, he was not our guy anyway.  If he is the QB that we all have hoped he would be, he will bounce back from this and hopefully take his game to the next level.  Up to this point this kid has had all the talent, but he is not using it because he is afraid to make a mistake.  Hopefully with this he will see that in itself was a mistake and begin to play like we all know he is capable of.  If I hear someone complain about Pennington's arm I am going to lose it.  What good is Henne's arm to this point if he is afraid to throw the ball deep?  Would someone tell me how many passes beyond 20 yards he has thrown this season?  The deep threat is really only a threat if you have the balls to throw it deep.

     I have seen him check down to a RB and then one-hop it to him on 3rd down.  Or he makes a throw that they catch, but have no chance of running with because of how he threw it.  How many times have we seen Marshall practically fall down trying to get some yards after catch.  Some of that is because of Henne. How many 3rd downs have not been converted because of a poor throw?

     We have seen this tactic used before by Sparano to good results.  Sean Smith lost his starting role earlier this season to Jason Allen.  Sean Smith is now the starter again, Jason Allen is on the street and we are all much more comfortable with how much better Smith is playing.  Is there any reason that we can't have the same result with Henne(although we might keep Pennington around just for security)?  I hope Pennington lights it up the next few weeks, and shows the kid that he has all the talent around him he needs to make a deep playoff run, if he cuts loose and just uses it.  If Henne doesn't take his job back it will be his own fault.  When he comes back I want to see him break all the rules that Henne and Sparano give him and just go out there an win games.  I want to see us put a dagger in a weak opponent early and give our backup QB some playing time.   

     I had an idea the other day about a remake of the Wizard of Oz, which I would call the Wizard of Ross... Henne could be the Tin Man ---the guy plays with absolutely no emotion to this point and seems to be fine with just waiting for another series.. he never seems to have any sense of urgency.  Henning could be the scarecrow "if I only had a brain"-- enough said... Sparano could be the cowardly lion, "if I only had the nerve."  Ross could be the wizard "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."  I have no idea who could be Dorothy, but I am thinking maybe someone who was born in Dallas "there's no place like home" since we are trying to make a trip to the Super Bowl this year.   And of course playing the role of the overweight wicked witch... Rex Ryan.  If anyone has any talent with photo shop and can make something like that ... I could really use a new avatar....

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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