Electroshock Therapy - The CP10 Situation

The Miami Dolphins are looking for a spark, so I thought it might be a good time to look at the definition and a few examples of good and bad outcomes.  At first, I had the same reaction as many fans stating that Henning was to blame and that benching Henne means his ultimate demise and that the "going backwards" conundrum for the Miami Dolphins continues.  First let's take a look at the definition of "SPARK".


Definition of Spark:

spark 1  (spärk)n.

1. A glistening particle, as of metal. 2. A trace or suggestion, as: a. A quality or feeling with latent potential; a seed or germ: the spark of genius. b. A vital, animating, or activating factor: the spark of revolution.


Outcome Possibility: The Good


One does not have to look too far to get an example of a Veteran QB taking over for a struggling QB with lots of potential.  That team just happens to be our next opponent: The Titans...


Looking back, Vince Young was struggling emotionally and was flat out making bad decisions that ultimately cost his team games.  Kerry Collins stepped in as the veteran and took the team to the Playoffs.


The following year, Vince Young took a major leap in his development and looks like he has turned the corner in becoming an NFL caliber QB.


One of the major "good" possibility situations that could occur for the Miami Dolphins is that Chad Henne decides that he is not going to sit idly and allow CP10 to take over his job.  He will learn from his mental mistakes and work 10X harder to become a better QB. 


This is an essence is - Creating a Spark both for the team and under Henne to develop into a stronger future NFL QB.


Outcome Possibility:  The Bad


This, I believe, is the situation that most fans jump to when a situation like this occurs.  The worst outcome we could imagine is that Henne does not take this benching correctly and pitches a fit, requesting his release from the team.  Another outcome could be that he mopes and whines and does not decide to work on becoming a better QB, ultimately leading to his trade or release to another team where he ends up becoming a solid QB in the NFL. 


Ultimately, if Henne doesn't have the drive to regain his starting job through hard work, the Miami Dolphins are headed back into the search for their future QB.  There is the possibility that Tyler Thigpen could always step up to the challenge and if the team is headed out of the playoffs, they might throw him in to see if he's worth keeping around or trading to another team in the upcoming off-season.  It seems like every time Tyler Thigpen steps on the field, he does provide that "spark" for us fans, but it's difficult to tell if he is able to tone his game down and cut out the mistimed interceptions.


The last but not least addition to this segment is that this move looks desperate by the coaching staff and could lead to the ultimate demise of a coaching staff that has at least put the Miami Dolphins in contention with other good teams every year.  They have made their share of mistakes but hopefully it's only a matter of eliminating those mistakes rather than the entire coaching staff, which ultimately would leave our team is a state of despair.


The Wrap Up:


Many arguments have been made in the last 24 hours but one thing stands out the most.  Based on history from the Titans, going with the Veteran QB while the young QB continues to develop has proven to work.  Not to mention the Trade Deadline has passed and the team must feel that CP10 is back in top condition to take command of the Miami Dolphins.


Ultimately, this move by Tony Sparano could end up being like "Electroshock Therapy", where it hurts for Chad Henne but in the end pushes him to become a better QB and the Franchise QB we have all been waiting for.


Regardless of the outcome, all Miami Dolphin fans should rally behind CP10, Henne, and the Miami Dolphins so that this team can provide a "spark" for us fans in the form of Touchdowns!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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