Fire Tony now!!!!

Desperate times call for desperate measures... and since Tony has decided that times are desperate and that he will jeopardize the future progress and development of the franchise for some futile short term ego trip, it's time for Mr Ross to step in and save the team...

Mr Ross

it is not Henne's fault that you have a terrible decision maker as a head coach. Tony has very little patience nor is he willing to stick to long term development... lets look at some of tony's decisions....

Special team play has been below average at best since tony took over... little risk, little innovation, and overall poor play... yet tony waits until year 3 to fire coach bono.... when during the off season one of the best ST coaches in the league is on the open market.... all the while he is axing position coaches left and right.

it obviously was chad henne's fault that you axed the only 2nd TE on the team capable of playing in the NFL because you though you'd sneak him through waivers to save some money... and this with the fact that by your own admission ~%40 of the offense involves a 2 TE set...

Even though you were a former OC .... the play calling is terrible this year... game management is terrible, clock management is even worse... and there has been very little adaptation to the offense based on the talent levels of the team... by that i mean ... ahem... you decide that d bess is the best slot receiver in the game... but how many plays do you run with 3 receiver sets??? what happened to feed the beast(s)...

so it was a QB issue that baltimore held the ball for 38 minutes.... that the patsies ran the ball down the teams throat with a danny woodhead... really... hmmm.... maybe had you not let personal differences effect your judgement you wouldn't have cut matt roth ... who appears to be a top 5 SSOLB right now... in stead of the rookie who has issues consistently setting the edge...


and someone please explain to me the plan for the interior of the offensive line??? i know john jerry and Ritchie... (what's that guy) are the flavor of the year... but haven't we been here before with smiley and thomas/murphy?? and is it any wonder the team is unable to run the ball .... when you tweak blowup the o-line every camp... history says great lines are made by long term consistency... as an o-line coach one would believe (hmmm) and could you please explain the jake grove decision.... which kind of strikes me as similar to the matt roth one...


so before you make yet another knee jerk decision that will have long term negative effects on the team and it's future...why don't you do a little self scouting and maybe look at the play calling and offensive personnel moves before you yank the guy you've dubbed the future...

and tony i don't want to break it to you ... but the team has missed the playoffs this year... even if you put your beloved penne into the game... you are 4-4  and 2-4 vs the AFC... you have zero tiebreakers and 11-5 is the minimum needed to make the playoffs this year... meaning the team will have to win out to go to the playoffs...


So Mssr Ross, please put tony out of his misery and axe him now... don't wait for the off season, when we all know that you will be installing Kaiser Karl... save the franchises short and long term future now... and get in the bidding for KK's buddy the chin before Jerry steals him. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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