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First of all, we all knew this team was going nowhere and the reason why we were mediocre. That reason was Dan Henning's play calling. So, we made a big move today to give us a chance at making a playoff spot. Fire Dan Henning? No.  Bench Chad Henne? yes


Well Dan Henning is our OC, and he would probably walk if we took away his playcalling duties. That by itself would kill this season. So we do need him for the rest of this season if we were going to try and save it. Scary thought huh? Also who are the real alternatives for a playcaller? I don't know of anyone wanting to do it. We speculated who could do it. But do they actually want that job?

Don't fool yourselves about Henne.  We would of never known how good Chad Henne is/isn't under Henning because Henning left the training wheels on. This season is not over and is still salvageable. Why not try to save it if we can? I don't see this actually hurting Henne. We wouldn't of known more about him by seasons end than we do now. And by all accounts Henne took it well. Yes he got teary eyed. But he said he still strongly believes in himself.

Pennington gives us the best chance to win now. This team has also been missing a real leader on offense. CP10 gives us that. Who was the best QB in training camp? CP10 as long as his shoulder holds up he is good.

So you say we still have our biggest problem on our team Henning. Well was Henne allowed to audible? I don't think so and I read a report on a blog quoting Ricky Williams saying that he wasn't. Well Pennington will audible Hennings calls. He's much faster and better at recognizing Defenses to find the soft spots. Instant upgrade.

Also you question CP10 arm strength? Can he throw wounded ducks 20 yards for Marshall to go up and grab? yes! Do we have any deep threat WR's? No! (well maybe Wallace, but he's Work in progress) So we don't need a strong armed QB. Like it or not we are a grinding team with no quick strike options.

So you say he went 0-3 last year? hogwash to blame him! He played winning ball 2 out of 3 times. The problems lied elsewhere.

So you say he lost in the playoffs. Who were his receivers? His #1 WR was in the stands on IR and Bess had some type of hand/arm injury and missed some game time. Bess was also a rookie, Ginn was Ginn, and Loudon thought he was the best player in the world. I think Loudon is just walking the modeling runways now. Can anyone really expect someone to beat the Ravens with that WR core when they shutdown the run? 

So you say we were only good in 2008 because of the Wildcat. What a 67.4 completion avg, 3653 yards, 19 TD's, 3 ints (during the season) ,and a 97.4 QB rating had nothing to do with it?

Sitting Henne for the year and bringing him back next year with a better playcaller may actually be best for him. A lot of of people said if they saw no improvement between now and the end of the season we better start looking for a new QB.

So Best case, Pennington comes in and puts us in the playoff’s. If that happens it would mean we turned the corner on offense and would have a dangerous team in the playoff's.

Worst case, Pennington loses some games eliminating us from the playoffs. Then we go ahead and fire Dan Henning and use the rest of the year to figure out Henne and/or Thigpen.

This move only makes sense to me. It sucks for Henne because it wasn't his fault. But, he will get his chance again.


 Saddle up ladies and Gentlemen. We just gave ourselves a chance.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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