The View From Afar

First off life in general could be so much worse for most of us.  I'm not going to even begin to suggest the scenarios that we could be stuck in because at .500 there are a lot of worse things that could be happening right now aside from the extremes that exist in real life.

Take it from someone that has had a terribly rough couple of months.  I literally went from arguing with someone on here to packing my things because of something that the whore I previous was with told me.  Not easy when you're four years deep and share everything.  Packed everything up and headed for my sister's house.  Had to get another job in the evening to jump start myself.  Finally got into a new place a couple of weeks ago and started a new job.  Lots went on in between that stuff but take it from someone that had Super Bowl aspirations a couple of months could be worse.

Please don't take this as me looking for sympathy, don't need it or want it whether it be in regards to my personal life or the Fins.  The point is the garbage that's surrounded me recently has caused me to focus on the positives.  I've sat back and watched us go up and down.  The key for me is that we've been up at points.

I'd like to hit on some key topics that have been in my head and hopefully gain some clarity.

First of all for those of you calling for Tony Sparano's head...shut up.  You're being ridiculous and you're completely jumping the gun.

I can honestly say that Henne might have been the problem and that's why I don't have a problem with this.  I'm not seeing the "it" factor in him.  He's not coming through in the clutch and at the 4-4 midpoint of the year it was time for a change.  I commend them for having the guts to make the change.

Jared Odrick going down can't be understated.  He was the versatile key to that line and losing him was huge.  It caused Starks to move back to DE when he was preparing physically and mentally for NT throughout camp.

Another guy I'm beginning to think can be easily upgraded in the offseason is Anthony Fasano.  I just don't see in him what I see in too many other starting TEs in the league.

I'm beginning to lean towards the side that is opposed to Dan Henning.  Too many questionable calls and I'm against getting on the Coordinators.  Maybe the return of Pennington will save Henning.

Another guy that I want out is Channing Crowder.  I've turned a blind eye to his antics over the years despite a good friend of mine that is a great man telling me that Crowder is a punk.  Crowder was once very rude to him for no reason and I've just had enough of his mouth.  He doesn't back up his mouth with his play and above and beyond anything else Karlos Dansby needs to be the only voice out there, maybe Bell too.  Other than the business being handled I don't want to hear about Channing making wisecracks at practice or giving guys like Derrick Mason a reason to step it up.

Tony Sparano is in the middle of his third year following a 1-15 run.  11-5 plus a playoff loss, 7-9 and now 4-4 isn't that bad considering how young this team is and how short of a time the staff has been here.  I've mentioned some key injuries that have delayed the progress of this defense with a new DC.  If Pennington fails then it's time to switch out Henning but to say that Sparano needs to be fired is just being irrational.

Does it seem that the Tuna is heading out?  Sure but that was expected.  I'm still a big fan of Jeff Ireland and his drafting record is no worse than most others around the league.  You can't judge him based on case by case situations.  You have to look at what the roster was and what the roster is.  It's a clear talent upgrade.

Please calm down everyone and please have some faith in the guys that are in charge.  They've taken good care of us since they got here and now's the time to have their back.  Now's the time to make sure you support them because it doesn't matter how much you complain, Tony's not getting fired this season.  Who knows what happens in the offseason but calling for his head now at 4-4 is just being counterproductive.

Head over to the site of any of these teams and witness true frustration.  These teams have never even won a Super Bowl.

San Diego 

Now I haven't witnessed us win a Super Bowl but only one team can can win per year.  Patience is key and sticking with men who've shown us more positive than negative is the winning route.  Jumping ship and bringing in someone else to run the show would only force us to start over from scratch which I'm extremely against.  I'd rather stick it out and see what Tony can do for us.  I'm confident he'll show enough progress over these final eight games to warrant his 2011 return.

We can't change much right now so rocking the boat when it's already moving could make a bad situation much worse.  They have the ability and talent to turn it around and the only thing we can do is support them.  Once the offseason gets here be my guest to demand coaching or personal changes but now is not the time.

All I can say is my life's been upside down and I couldn't afford to write about the team like I was.  It caused me to take a step back and really look at our situation and it's really not that bad.  It's not good but it is fixable.  Thankfully they've determined that a change at QB could be what begins the positive swing and thankfully they aren't afraid of unrealistic fans going nuts because youth has been switched for a veteran.  It should help to tell us if Henning has been a problem too.

There's so much other young talent on this team that's developing daily that removing Tony could truly hurt their progress.  Guys like Long, Marshall, Bess, Langford, Starks, Dansby and Davis were all brought in with Tony and it's important they're afforded the opportunity to turn it around for their coach.  This team is so young so please show them that we're not the kind of fan base that's going to turn on them the moment that things get bad.  There's no reason for that and it can only help us to stay positive.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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