Sparano Benches Henne, WTF Moment.

My day started out nicely, finding out Al Harris was signed and Jason Allen was let go. I was rather happy. Then, my day took a turn for the worse. I logged onto my Phinsider account and saw the last thing I wanted to see.

Henne has been benched.

At first I was shocked but quickly my shock was overcome by anger. For some reason I do not know, I was angry. I couldn’t explain to myself how this was the correct move. How this would benefit the 2010 Miami Dolphins. But I gather my thoughts and have come with some explanation that makes sense.

First and foremost do not blame Henne for his failure, no, if you want to blame anybody Dan Henning is that guy you should be blaming. The man does not know how to make plays for guys with talents and likes to keep it close. Maybe this style of play is better off being handled by Pennington since let’s face it Henne hasn’t exactly been bombing in this offense. But I see Henne as a guy with decent accuracy who will occasionally let it fly and let his receivers make a play for the ball. Of course, Henning is not calling this style of play. So maybe for now CP10 is best in Henning’s offense.

But Henne is the future of this franchise. Mark my words, date them if you want too.


The main reason why I disagree with this move is because of the message you are sending:

First thing: You are telling me you don’t know how to coach a QB.

Second thing: You are telling me you don’t want to adapt to Henne’s style of play.

Third thing: You are telling the whole league that Henne sucks.

Fourth thing: You are holding back a kid that we need to see. We need to know if he is the answer.


Those are the messages that Im receiving after hearing about the news.

I still can’t believe that this team would rather keep Henning calling the shots over Henne at QB. It’s sad. How hard headed do you have to be to realize that Henning is holding him back. I bet now when CP10 starts and plays good in Henning’s offense everyone will say forget Henne, blah blah blah. But CP10 will only take us so far. He is not the answer, he was a temporary fix that over achieved. You forgot that CP10 was 0-3 in 2009 with loses against Atlanta, Chargers and Colts. So that tells me he can’t beat the "good" teams. Not the same team, granted, but the truth is in the pudding.


I want Sparano gone after the season and Cowher brought in.

I want Henning gone after the season as well.

Nolan is the only coaching option that makes me go, wow, what a coach.

Why Sparano? Because if you don’t got the balls to confront Henning about his style of play then you shouldn’t be my head coach.


Here’s a little stat for you guys:

CP10 is 11-8

Henne is 11-10

I don’t know about you but starting CP10, doesn’t exactly tell me victory.

Everyone will have their opinions about this move, but the ones that manage to see beyond the picture will really notice what harm this does to the Dolphins.

Oh, by the way, enjoy the next 20 post being about this situation. Lol

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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