Need for Speed

"For me personally, there’s two or three guys on me on every play," he said. "I’ve never seen so much coverage. … In the past, it’s been situations, whether it’s third down or second and long, where I’ve seen double coverage. This year it’s every single play. … When you say big plays, they may not be coming from me right now."  -Brandon Marshall

In his last 2 years in Denver Marshall had Eddie Royal lining up as his #2. As a rookie Royal put up 91 receptions for 908 yards and 5 TDs, so defenses couldn't just focus on Marshall. That would explain why he hasn't seen this much coverage go his way. Now let's do some math, If there are 3 guys on Brandon Marshall then that means it's 10 against 8 everywhere else. So the question is why am I not seeing big plays made elsewhere?

Here are some examples on how other players benefit when their #1s are attracting so much attention

As you can see Marshall is taking up all the double teams, but no one else is taking advantage when it comes to scoring points. Marshall makes most of his big plays of YAC, but if he doesn't have any space to do so then he won't be as effective as he's been in Denver. Neither Hartline or Bess are the type of receivers that would create room for Marshall, if anything they are more underneath guys also. It's clear that this offense doesn't have speed or explosive talent outside of Marshall.

"We made them do what they didn't want to do, which is throw downfield."  -Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis said it best. When you look at this roster we lack speed and explosion on offense and special teams. This is why a team like the Ravens are able to play us so tight to the line of scrimmage and triple team Marshall with no consequences elsewhere. I don't know who this team is fooling when they try to pass off Brian Hartline as a speed receiver. They try to utilize him with 9 routes and reverses, but it fails more times than it works. Then on special teams they force Davone Bess to return punts, when we all know he's not a returner or a threat to do anything explosive. Play-calling can only take you so far, at the end of the day you need player that can execute and make big plays anywhere on the field.


If this was any of our receivers their getting caught from behind



Instead of scoring on special teams, the Dolphins get scored on



This..right YAC



Hell look at Jacoby Ford of the Raiders (ran the fastest time at the combine this year with a 4.28), he returned a kick 95 yards for a score, and made a few deep plays to keep them in the game. It's that kind of quick strike ability that allows teams to overcome whatever trouble they may have against a team and keep them in the game.

And this isn't just about 40 times. We need players that have that extra gear to go the distance on the field. In the videos above you'll see Mike Williams take a quick slant to the house, Dez Bryant return a punt 93 yards for a TD, and Hakeem Nicks catching a screen and go the distance. In the 40 they each run a 4.53, 4.52, and 4.51 respectively. Those times aren't blazin by any means, but they just have a different game speed than everyone else. You don't see explosive plays like these out of Miami.


"This player has gotten an awful lot player right now. He's come two-fold from where he was. But this is something I need to do. At this particular time as I look ahead, my decision is Chad Pennington's strengths are a little bit better suited for where we need to be right now."

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 In other words we can't throw deep, so there's no use in having a big arm QB. We might as well go with the more accurate QB. We all know Henne's best asset is his arm, but we clearly don't have the personnel to utilize it. So apparently our lack of speed just lost Henne his job.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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