Randy Moss: Submitting the waiver claims

So the big story of the day is Randy Moss being waived by Minnesota.  Already Fin fans across the nation are clamoring for him to be picked up by Miami, who have been reported to be interested.  So what is stopping the Dolphins from claiming him?  Well, only 17 other NFL teams.

Here are a list of teams already reportedly showing interest in Randy Moss:  Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, Chicago Bears, St. Louis Rams, Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks, and the New England Patriots.  Of those teams, the Cowboys, Redskins, and Rams all have priority over Miami.  The Bears and Seahawks, both with the same record, also have priority over Miami.  Let's take a look at the options:

Buffalo Bills:  Not reported to show interest, but I highly doubt Ralph Wilson wants to take on Moss' contract when they're already virtually eliminated from postseason contention.  Stevie Johnson is also showing promise as a #2 WR.

Dallas Cowboys:  Another team with little chance at the postseason.  With Miles Austin, Roy Williams, and Dez Bryant, where is the need for Moss on a one-year lease on a team stacked with WRs and little chance for a playoff berth.  A move would such as this would fit Jerry Jones, but only if Dallas was contending for a playoff spot.

Washington Redskins:  Would be a good fit for McNabb and the Redskins offense.  Santana Moss is doing well and Anthony Armstrongis showing progress, but a move like this is right up Daniel Snyder's alley.  Then again, so was a trade for Vincent Jackson and Brandon Marshall, but the Redskins didn't bite on those moves either.  Would the Redskins want possibly more drama when Haynesworth brings enough to the table?  It's a 50-50 shot on this one.

Oakland Raiders: This move is even more up Al Davis' alley than it is Snyder's.  The Raiders already dealt with Moss' antics before and would they want to go for round 2?  He didn't succeed there last time and the Raiders seem happy with Heyward-Bay and Murphy as their WRs.  I don't think this move is likely.  Perhaps not signing Moss would be one of the best decisions made by Al Davis in recent years.

St. Louis Rams:  They obviously have a need with the injuries they've had at WR.  As much as Moss' talents could help Bradford develop, his attitude could also hinder the progress.  This is a very intriguing option and I think this decision may ultimately rest on how much the Rams' front office thinks this team could succeed.  This could also be a move to sell tickets, but again they'd have to take on his contract.  For the teams able to claim Moss before Miami, I think the Redskins and Rams are the most likely to submit a claim.

Kansas City Chiefs: Defnitely an option here to go opposite of Dwayne Bowe, but Todd Haley doesn't seem to like head cases on his team.  It's a possibility, but I don't think it is a strong one.

Seattle Seahawks:  Definite possibility here for Seattle, but would they want to move Golden Tate out of their lineup?  With a wide open NFC West, the Seahawks may take the chance to make a run for the division crown.  Moss' agent, Joel Segal, said Seattle was one of two teams already to contact him.

Chicago Bears:  Interesting pairing with Chicago, but I don't think Moss fits well into the timing system Martz likes.  For a team that really needs a spark on offense, they could take the gamble though.

Miami Dolphins:  No doubt do they need to get a WR to take pressure off Brandon Marshall and stretch the field.  Would the current regime want to put up with Moss' behavior?  Fortunately, I think Sparano can keep him in check.  For another team that needs a spark on offense, this could be a big move.  Luckily, the Dolphins are the only other team other than Seattle to have contacted Segal about his availability.  It definitely looks Miami is making a push.

Waiver wire order:

Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, San Diego Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders, St Louis Rams, Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins.

Of note, the Jets are at 30 and Patriots are at 32, making them unlikely landing destinations.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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