What is the Greatest Position of Need For the Dolphins in Next Years Draft? (1/5)

Hello fellow phinsiders!

I don't know if you remember if i asked you what the greatest position of need was erlier before the season but here is the link to the first one:

In this poll it was rinning back with over 50% of the voting, in second it was a pass catching tight end, in third it was a free safety, in fourth it was a burner at wide reciever that can also be a returner and fifth was a nose tackle.

Yes, it is early, but as of the first four games, what do you think is the most important position of need in next years draft?

So i am going to inform you of notable draftee's that we might pick in the first round of next year:


Mark Ingram, univ. of Alabama

Mostly everyones favorite running back in this years draft has had 355 yards on only 45 attempts, 6 Td's and averaging 7.8 yards/carry. did you hear me? 7.8 yards/carry in the SEC. Thats amazing! He Might actually slip past the top 15 and 20 due to the lack of need for running backs and we actually might have a shot at getting him, which i will be ecstatic about.

Ryan Williams, univ. of Virginia Tech.

Ryan Williams is my favorite running back in next years draft that i feel we will pick if Mark Ingram is picked before us.  He has 110 rushes for 334 yards and only averaging 3.4 yards/carry and 3 Td's. Ouch. that is not great but i think he will bounce back. Another bad note is that he got injured in the third game against East Carolina but i think he will bounce back after he recovers. He is a projected top 20 pick but could slip, again to the lack of need at running back.

Dion Lewis , univ. of Pittsburgh

This kid is amazing. Not very highly recruited and when he was thrown into the game, he shut everybody up. He rushed for 1799 yards his freshmen year, for 17 Td's. Talk about a chip on your shoulder. This year he has ran for 143 yards on 47 carries for an average of 3 yards/ carry. not great, and he also hurt his shoulder which kept him out of last weeks game. He is projected as a late first-mid second.

Tight End

There is only one notable tight end that is a projected first rounder, and his name is;

Kyle Rudolf, univ. of Notre Dame

Kyle Rudolf is one of the highest scouted running backs in a while, and with these numbers I can see why. Having already caught 23 passes and 290 yards for an average of 12.6 yards/carry and scoring 3 td's, he's also a very good blocker. He is a projected mid first-early second rounder due to the lack of need for tight ends.

Free safety

Deunta Williams, univ. of North Carolina

Having missed the first couple of games to an ncaa violation, he has played in one game and only has 1 assissted tackle to show for.

Deandre McDaniel, univ. of Clemson

In four games he has tallied up, 27 tackles (13 solo), and one interception. He is basically the same as eric berry, except not as well in covering a reciever one on one. If theirs one free safety I would like it would be this guy, because he is just all over the field.


If you ask me I think we should draft a running back such as Mark Ingram or Ryan Williams.

All stats via,

Well I'll let you decide and duscuss on who we should be looking at next year. one last thing;

                                                                                            !!GO PHINS!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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