why is Sparano? getting a pass

I am very surprised to see that so little crticism has gone toward  Sparano both on this board and in the media. I firmly believe he should be held  accountable for a great deal of the Monday night debacle as well as our overall results.

Here's why:

1- as someone on this board recently mentioned, this seems to be the first time in recent memory that our team on paper is better than the one playing on the field.

2- Special teams play has been so glaring weakness throughout the pre-season. How and why can he allow it to get to this level without taking action? Was cutting waldon the only fixer upper we needed? Our kick coverage and blocking have been both been awful ever since the pads came on this year. Why wait till now to fire ST coordinator guy or make other changes or adjustments. If he didnt know he had a ST problem than he may be worse than I am suggesting. If he did know he had a major issue but failed to take action then he is also weaker than I thought.

3- Great coaches make half time adjustments and have there team fired up ready to play. What does that say about how we came out in the 2nd half. Our 2nd half effort was far beyond just the absurd special teams play. We looked completely unprepared in the 2nd half.

4- Where are all our young impact players??? For that matter who are our young IMPACT players. Wake and Dansby have been great. LOve Vontae. Yes we do have some great young talent. Odrick is hurt but he was not exactly lighting it up. Misi? Did Misi really start and PLAY the past 2 weeks? Misi would have been more valuable to the  organization if he had sold popcorn in the stands the oast 2 weeks. Starks has taken a big step back with the moving around to different spots. Sean smith questionable. The past 2 weeks Jason Allen looks a heck of a lot more like the guy he has been the past few years as oppossed to the first few weeks. Shouldnt the head coach be accountable for developing our young players??? Look at what Belichek does with all those rookies on his team. Sparano is not getting enough out of his talent

5- Who is accountable for all the questionable roster cuts? Is it Ireland, Tuna or Sparano? I was always under the impression that the head coach makes the call on the  roster spots. Clearly JT was a decision taken out of his hands. Is the same to be said for Grant, Grove, Smiley, Thomas, Will Allen? Are these his calls? If not, he needs to grow a pair and fight harder for a more talented roster. Maybe I am being a little unfair with this particular point. However all I know is that our head coach is a former OL coordinator. Last year we had a nasty productive  top 5 O- line. This year we discarded 3 of those guys and replaced them with a rookie(what illness for Jerry???) along with retreads! What happened to those huge running lanes we almost got used to.

6. Pass Rush- what pass rush????????????

Last Thoughts:

Rumor is that Parcells is hanging around just to help Sparano and Ireland develop a stronger resume and relationship with Ross. From the outside looking in it appears that Tuna has one foot out the door and after a great start, he is now half-assing it. . Ireland has begun to build a dubious drafting record along with an absurd "what have you done for me lately" cutting policy. Is this the twosome we want leading our franchise for the future? I honestly think they are in deep trouble if they dont show a heck of a lot more than during MNF

Would our team be stronger right now with a roster containing Matt Roth, JT, Grove, Smiley, Thomas, and Will Allen? ....And is any of this on Sparano? I dont know for sure. I may be being to tough on him. Like many of you, I am angry and I was embarrassed Monday. I feel that if Sparano is a worthy coach then he needs to do a better job of "managing" those relationships above him and fight for the guys that will make our Fins as productive as possible on the field.  Step up Sparano! Earn your keep if you want to keep around here. You were just badly outplayed!   

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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