.500 at the Quarter Mark

Everyone Lighten Up.

I know this loss, combined with last week loss are weighing heavy on the minds and hearts of the Fins.  But everyone just stay calm.  Too many people are very impatient, and have very high unrealistic goals.  Are these losses in prime time devastating... YES, are the games the Fins could have and should have won... YES.  Key word is they were games they could have won.  As lopsided as a score the Pats game was, it was close in all aspects but Special Teams... Calling for the demotion of Chad Henne is out there, what those Fans don't realize is he put up excellent numbers vs one of the best defenses in the league (Jets) and only had 10 incompletions vs the Patriots. Yes he starers down a little to much, but that can be fixed!

A couple of years ago, we'd be lucky to say the Fins were in games they could have won.  There is a big difference with me sitting in at home watching the game this year then in years past! I am expect them to pick up 3rd and 3 this year, it wasn't long ago where I expected them to punt.  (I now expect them to shoot themselves in the foot every time they have a kicker on the field but hey what can you do)

The thing is the Fins are 2-2 after the quarter mark.  Whats different than 2008... they were 2-2. In 2009 they were 1-3.  In those years Fans were pissed cause they had slow starts. But mid season surges propelled them into the play offs and a Division championship in 2008 and the play off talks in 2009.  So 2010 came around and we as fans wanted a fast start... we got it!  Did we also want undefeated at 4-0... well it would have been nice.  But unrealistic.  Kansas City is the only undefeated team at 3-0 this year.  3-1 would have been nice, more realistic and very possible judging by the games the Fins loss, but not the case.  We could be Bears fans... their 3-1 but I'd rather have the problems the Fins have than the Bears right now.

My point is we cheer for a team who is 2-2.  You know the Colts are 2-2, as are the Chargers.... the Colts are in last in the AFC South, don't they have Peyton Manning, and weren't they in the Super Bowl last season???

The Fins can rebound!  They will rebound... the Packers loss to those 3-1 Bears, and barley beat the 0-4 Packers.  Its another game the Fins can win.  I am not going to lie, and say I am confident they Fins will go 10-6 this year, but they have the chance... they need to steal wins from the Pats and Jets in NE and NY during the cold months.... but its not impossible.

I will feel confident if the Fins beat the Packers, but even if they lose to them and the Steelers, its not over... Cin, Bal, Ten, Chi, Oak, Cle, Buf, Det are all winnable games. 

Bottom line, it is what it is, I know the Fins feel some urgency, and they'll get on track. Its going to be tough here on out, but I'd be happy at 10-6.  And that might be enough for a wild card.  The Pats Jets and Fins will beat up on each other and 10-6 will be just fine for me.

So Calm Down

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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