The Definitive Chad Henne Rant: Why We MUST be Patient

by: Jared Nagle

The definitive Chad Henne rant:


I am as utterly disappointed in this team after these last two home losses as any of you. I admit I am truly discouraged by what I have seen and have serious doubts as to the direction of the Dolphins short term and long term. For the first time in a long time I have a feeling this team is better on paper then they are on the field. They are not maximizing their talent and that is disheartening.


Waking up today I figured the agony of last nights loss would be a little lessoned. Instead, I found myself spending the day even more disappointed in the media, and some fellow Dolphins fans on this site in particular then I am even with the team. I cannot believe how unfair the media and this fan base has been to Chad Henne.


Henne is often compared to Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan. It is fair, considering all three QB’s were drafted in 2008. However, last night was Henne’s 17th career start. Joe Flacco has started 40 games in 2+

seasons including 5 playoff starts. Matt Ryan has started 35 games in 2+ seasons including 1 playoff start.


Two weeks ago Joe Flacco threw 4 interceptions in a loss to division rival Cincinnati. Was any one in the national media speculating Joe Flacco might be benched? How about when his team stocked with talent struggled to a 9-7 finish last season largely because of his late season struggles? The answer is a resounding NO. If Flacco, who many consider a future elite QB, can still have an occasional bad game, and he has 40 career starts, why is it unacceptable for Chad Henne, who has far less game experience, and also a worse team around him, to have one off night? Why isn’t Chad Henne being given a fair chance by the media and this fan base? How many flashes of greatness does he have to show before he is given the respect he deserves and the patience he deserves. He has started 17 career games!!!!!


Fun Fact: Do you know that Chad Henne actually had a better completion percentage then Matt Ryan in 2009. Despite the fact that Ryan was the starter in his rookie season in 2008 and received starters reps from day one in Atlanta, and he had Roddy White as a number one receiver as opposed to Greg Camarillo, and Tony Gonzalez as his TE as opposed to Anthony Fasano. Considering that outside QB rating completion percentage is largely considered the most important stat for a QB, this fact is rather interesting.


The QB position is about two things: game experience and system experience. A Pro Bowl talent at QB is not born over night. Remember when the Chargers drafted Drew Brees in the 2nd round back in 2001. They gave him 3 seasons, and he struggled, enough even for them to invest a high draft pick in Phillip Rivers in the 2004 draft. Then, in his 4th season Brees was suddenly a different QB, leading the Chargers to 12 wins and a division title. I think most of you know the rest of that story. Remember last season when Aaron Rodgers broke into the class of elite QB’s? What year was he in? Oh yea, his 5th. His 5th season in that system. A QB needs timeeeeeeeeee, why don’t you Henne haters understand that? Why does the media expect these young QB’s (Sanchez included) to be elite when no QB has ever achieved individual greatness outside of our own Dan Marino in his first 3 seasons? Henne isn’t Dan Marino. I am sorry guys, I guess we should throw Thigpen in and see if he can throw for 5,000 yards and 48 TD’s. Give me a break.


You want to throw the argument that Brady and Big Ben won a SB in their first 3 seasons? Go back and check the stats. Neither of those QB’s started putting up impressive top ten QB type statistics until after their 3rd year in the league. This is a team sport. The Steelers and the Patriots were SB caliber teams with young QB’s. When the Dolphins become a SB team surrounding Chad Henne, let me know. I’m pretty sure Bobby Carpenter started at ILB last night. Enough said.


He needs time. Anybody who has watched every one of Henne’s starts knows that while at times he has struggled like all young QB’s do, he has also shown signs of greatness at times. You cannot teach that man’s skill set. He has the skills. He clearly has the work ethic. Now he has the weapons around him. All he needs is time. Talk to me at the end of next year. Until then, I am watching a young QB blossom before my eyes, and I truly believe he has what it takes to be a top tier QB in this league. Chad Henne is a young QB with a bright future and a long career ahead of him, and I hope, and I pray that the media and this fan base doesn’t drive him out of Miami, and he has that career somewhere else. It’s time for everyone to be just be fair to the guy. He has only started 17 games in this league, can I say that enough. I am pleading with you haters give it a rest.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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