Summing it up

True fact is almost all of us went into rampage mode yesterday night. Some are still on it. Been honest I get over it when the pick 6 happened (it was a matter of time, it's an old movie to happens in college andpros). My wife who just bought me a R. Brown jersey (not easy to find in Mex) told me something that shock me.

"If I was the coach of those guys I would replay the game for the players tomorrow morning, when replay is over I   just will leave the room not saying a word"

For my wife who is not a fan beyond been supportive with me to express that kind of dissaproval was really something.

I'm not gonna beat dead horses in here:

  • ST coach had to go after that performance and its already done.
  • Henne did a poor job not going into progressions and finding 2nd and 3rd receivers, causing 2 of his 3 Ints. TRUE.
  • Henne did complete over 70% of his passes, throw for 300 yds and had 2 TD's for the second week in a row even when locking onto his primary WRs. TRUE
  • Is he the answer? WE (nobody of us) don't know, but he deserves at least all this season, which by the way still has 12 games, to prove it or sink.
  • Thiggy is not the answer, period.
  • ST lost this game and make no mistake on this. The offense give us hope at some time. The defense hold their ground in the first half.
  • Inconsistency is the constant right now, no unit has put together a full game, god forbids all three units play a good game altogether.
  • Coach Sparano is as good and accountable as you would ask. I just know he will find a way to lit the players fire during the bye week.
  • Mosul if you read this I suggest this week yo make the weekly game sacks instead the weekly game balls.
  • I will hold my thong before saying Vontae shut down Moss. The numbers says he in fact did. But NE never needed to look for Moss, if you run for more than 4 yds per carry and burn the middle of the field with Welker the 5'7 guy and the TEs. Why taking the risk with the best corner in the team?
  • This team seems unable to cover teams with more than one threat receiving. Bills and Vikes had one at most. Jets two Edwards  and Keller (like it or not), NE I don't need to mention them. GB, PIT, CIN and BAL all have great receiving corps so I hope to be really wrong on this.
  • What was yesterday pass run pass sequence that looked dumb and predictable? vs Minny it was run, run, pass; vs jets was run, pass, pass. Couldn't we mix it up a bit? And just once if you are trying to catch up, air it 40 yds down the field to show you REALLY are trying.

I think what hurt the most to me was looking the players lost their spirit at the end of the 3rd quarter. You could argue this but for me entering the 4th they felt beaten already. That as a fan hurt me the most because I have seen this team fight till the end through good & bad seasons and yesterday it looked to me like they just give up.

Now please keep composure people, we are 2-2 not better not worse, we are in the middle of things and have plenty of football in front of us. Let the friggin Patsies and Jest pay at the end of the season when the division will be on the line. Because I still belive in this team and I really think we will be in playoffs.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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