Who do we blame ? How to fix it ...

 First, let me say I am a TRUE FAN – and I will NEVER stop cheering and supporting this team…I was there for every game when we were 14-0 and won Super bowls VII and VIII – the same as when we were 1-15 just recently.   I have been a DOLPHINS FAN since I was 6 years old, and always will be.

Question my POST – but do not question my heart or loyalty…..


Also, I appreciate everything that this Front office has done to rebuild us from a terrible position a few years ago. They have made some great moves, some good moves, some questionable moves, and yes – some terrible moves.


How did we play so poorly last night, and what does it mean for this team ?


First – I put a LOT of the BLAME  on offensive Coordinator DAN HENNING.  Last night – just like every week this year, Henning called a few plays at KEY times in the game – that KILLED THE DRIVE. Specifically the wasted WILDCAT play in the first quarter, just when we were driving for a score.  Henning has a very limited playbook from what I can see – He is very predictable, constantly running on second and long,  if a first down pass fails.   He does not put these players in the best position to succeed. 


Solution – We need some fresh ideas here and some new blood.  Henning has to go, but probably after the season, as we can’t find a decent replacement right now.



This 3-4 is soft against the run – I NEVER LIKED IT and campaigned for the dolphins to at least draft a big NT – keeping our one good DE (pass rusher) STARKS where he belonged.  Only injuries moved him back – big Paulie has proven to be average (didn’t they know this already – I did)

119 Rushing yards  for the patriots ?  Without a good RB really – plus over 130 last week to the Jets, MN also had a big day against us.   Sure injuries to Odrick hurt us – but we never drafted a good DT/NT run stuffer this year did we ?  Front office mistake proven out.    Misi and Dansby were invisible last night.

Run defense was terrible.


QB Chad Henne

Last night Henne had a bad game he threw several poor passes and was picked in crucial situations.

It could have been worse…. More INT’s were dropped.  SURE he also made some great throws, and I attribute some of his "arrested development" to Dan Henning and his bad play calling.  But right now – as much as it HURTS TO SAY THIS – Mark Sanchez is the better quarterback… Be honest with yourself....  Right now he is better.  I hope this will change though.... and some of this is on the coaching he is getting...

Chad Henne has a LOT of growing up to do…. He is still slow with his reads and progressions.  Just when you think that he is getting over the hump (early drives) he reverts backward, holding the ball too long and throwing into double coverage.  Some of his bad passes were with good protection too.

I do think that Henne will go on to be a good QB – but how long do we wait for this ?  He does have a good running game and a #1 WR now – but still we wait.  In the next few weeks we find out if Henne has the guts to bounce back, and improve.  His development is now most important for this season, really it always was.


Running backs

With R & R Miami has real talent in the backfield.  But we are missing something.  A player like Danny Woodhead.  I mean a small "scatback" with real quickness ! This is totally ON BILL PARCELLS, due to his bias against small players.  Our team lacks an element of quickness (except for BESS) because he wants big players.  How great did our hero Dansby look covering the "too small" Danny Woodhead last night ? yea - he looke to small to play in the NFL running past our Million dollar man...He should be embarrassed – but we were lucky our special teams failed so much – or we would have seen this matchup (woodhead vs Dansby) again and again out of the backfield.  We need more SPEED ON THIS TEAM !  speed and quickness – and we don’t need so many big players.  ZACH THOMAS  anyone ? 

Listen I’m still happy with the Dansby addition, but we need a smaller, quicker player next to him – a ZT clone who can run, but is still a good run stuffer. Chrowder is NOT this player – if he ever returns…  We could get this in the draft – if we would STOP always going after the biggest player available.   I'm looking at YOU Parcells.


Talent evaluation & decisions

This is the Front office’s job, and they have done a below average job recently.  Think about it.

This team got rid of a LOT of quality Veterans – to go "younger", and that is one of the problems with this team.  DE Charles Grant would have been a LOT of help last night, How about Jason Taylor ?

We were too cheap to resign him – or was it the Front office Ego ? (think so) Justin smiley – sure he has had some injuries, but now we are starting Pat Mc Quistan ?  Really ?  Smiley was let go because of money…..What about Guard Donald Thomas – why did we not bring him back ? I am really tired of picking up all of the "cowboy castoffs". (Cory Proctor) and what of Jake Grove – does anyone really thing that Joe Berger is a better player than Jake Grove ?  Or did we just save money again ?  I bet Grove plays again at a high level.


Ex cowboy Bobby Carpenter looked Ok – until last night…. But he showed why he has not won a starting job anywhere…  Which brings me to Rob Ninkovich … anyone remember that he Was a Miami dolphin ? (2007-2008) but I suppose the Front office did a great job there – letting him go.  I’m not saying that he is ALL PRO, but didn’t he look better than our OLB’s last night ? Come on – give him his respect 2 INT’s that snuffed out this season and a division title.  



A lot of this loss is on the coaches, and their failure to put the right people on the field.

Special teams were horrible – and should face a complete over haul, firing the coach is too good for this unit.  We also need to put some starters on this unit if need be.  It’s better than losing every game due to blocked kicks, or run backs.

Tony has a lot to fix – or I’d be looking at him also next year… I’m starting to think Bill Cowher would look good in Miami… just sayin…

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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