Heads Should Roll & Henne Needs To Be Thought How To Stare Down A Safety!


First off let me start by saying that, anyone that has ever read any of my post know I am a die-hard fan. I defend my team no matter what. That being said. I am tired of this crap! We are not contenders, I do not see that at all. I don't have no CLS, I have what are becoming true facts!


There is nothing special, about our special teams. Should have been fired years ago and everyone knows this, only Ted “Hands of Stone” Ginn, made anything even look decent at times in the three years this guy has been our ST coach.


Chad Henne can throw, but he does not look off any receivers at all, I was yelling out “pick” before it was released. I played college football and even my 14 year old cousin was getting reads on him. I have always said that he was decent, but never our future. I am not calling for a QB change, YET, but damn people, do you watch the games or just the “good plays”?


Can we trade or find anyone to cover a slot receiver or a tight end?


Are we playing “throwback football” here in Miami?


Why are our “QB of The Future” and “Beast” not on the same page on some plays?


Wildcat? On 3'rd & 6?


OC – Dan Henning needs to be axed, put David Lee in control.


Clock Management, we had the ball, why keep running with such little time and only three scores to take the lead? We have a “Big-Armed QB” right? He has a multi-million dollar “Beast”, no downfield shots?


Man, I LOVE our team. What in the hell is everyone doing? Matty pointed out that “He didn't forget how to throw the ball”, also, he didn't forget how to stay locked on all night. Every game this season, even the W's, you, me, and everyone else knows where almost every pass is going.


I have said this “ We are still rebuilding” but after three years from 1-15, you would think we could get something going on by now. I have NEVER made a bad comment about our team since I have been on The Phinsider dating back to 2006. I now question much, and am starting not to “turn a blind eye anymore”


Curse me if you will, I am a fan, friend, and loyal to our team. Something needs to change! - And you can quote me on this, I will be GLAD to eat all of the crow that I can come the end of the season. Henne will never be “our” answer. I hated to say it, but that is how I truly feel. I know it is only his whatever start, not looking up stats, but he does not know how to look down a safety!


Either “Un-Handcuff” him and let him play, or ruin his career with what has been going on. He can be good, but unless he learns how to go through progressions, step away from the defense, be a leader, and stare down a safety, he will just be an average QB.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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