Thoughts about our offense

First of all I could call a better game than Dan Henning any day and I never played on a team. Just on the "streets" as a kid. Where do I send in my application???

Anyways, What our playcaller needs to realize is that our running game and passing are both good but not great, and can be shutdown. Very few teams can shutdown both. Our running game needs better blocking while Henne has a lot of growing up in the league to do. But we've seen he has the tools needed to get it done.

So what does this mean when game planning and calling plays? It means we attack a teams weakness and not play against their strengths. Going up against Pitt I would of liked to seen a 60%-40% - 70%-30% passing vs running game plan. Take what they give you. I don't know the ratio used. But it seemed the game plan asked for ramming it down their throats. O_o (a confusing face) That's why we started 6-0 instead of 14-0. Pitt is the best against the run and not so good against the pass. But, did anyone see the real estate Long was opening up on those two drives??? Trump could of built a hotel with all that space. Why we don't run behind Long more often is beyond me. On that note we need to be versatile enough (in playcalling) to change the gameplan just encase we found something that works. For example, We called for a passing game but the running game was getting it done or visa versa. Just as important, we need to find something that works if the gameplan isn't working and not stay on course. Call it plan B. You should always have a plan B.

I would like to see us get out of the mindset that we are a running team and more into we can run or pass depending on what the opponent give us.

This is not hard to do beacuse we have a versatile team. Yes we must mix it up and not sell out on to the run or pass at anytime except in two minute drills. In that case pass pass pass, unless we can effectively stop the clock. We should never play against a teams strength especially if they are the best it.

Well tomorrow I'm going to do something rare for me. I'm going to the library to check out the book "The Art of War" I'm told all leaders such as military, business managers, and coaches should read it. I hope our coaches have done so. I bet it says take advantage of your opponents weakness and avoid there strengths if possible somewhere in it. Most likely in chapter 1



This wasn't meant to be another attack on Henning post. I just wanted to write something  about our offense and my subconscious came out. Also I've never questioned Henning Coaching. It's just the playcalling.


Just for some "poops" n giggles. Rated PG

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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