State of the Dolphins

Ok then... Instead of venting over the terrible officiating which was bad, I will look at the big picture. We are a 3-3 football team and both of our division rivals are 5-1. Now, most people said that if we come out of this stretch 4-4, we will be in good shape. All we have to do is beat a 2-4 Bengals team and we will be on the road where we are 3-0. The bengals have an average defense, and I think an overrated offense. Cedric Benson is good runner and TO can still play but Carson Palmer gets most of his yardage in garbage time. Ochocinco, hasn't produced this season like he would have a few years back. More after the jump. 

We have been playing good football lately despite losing three of the past four games. We were a couple plays away from beating the Jets, which also had some questionable officiating calls. The Patriots, I firmly believe, if we our special teams did their job we would have won that game. All the players pretty much gave up late in the 4th after the blocked field goal and of course Bill Belicheat Belichick ran up the score a little bit at the end. The rest of our schedule is...

@ Bengals (2-4)- Very winnable game and I think that we matchup pretty well with them (Our run D vs their run and our running game vs their running d who is ranked middle of the pack) Predictions- Dolphins win by 10

@ Ravens (5-2)-  Tough game because we get them off their bye week but they didn't look too good getting into a shootout with Buffalo who also got screwed by some bad officiating. There potent defense looked very shaky. Their offense is getting very good though, running and passing. Prediction- Ravens win by 3

Vs Titans (5-2)- They are a very physical but inconsistent. Their defense isn't as good as it once was. Lets just hope Vince Young doesn't play or we can be in for a long game. They are also coming off a bye and have two weeks to prepare. 

If we win two of the next three and get to 5-4, I think we are in very good position to grab a wild card with only the Jets, Patriots, and maybe Bears, possible handing us losses the rest of the season. The rest include Raiders, Browns, Lions, and Bills

The schedule makers, once again screwed us. 

As for our team, I think we have a pretty complete team. We just don't have any real superstars besides Brandon Marshall and Karlos Dansby but Vontae Davis could could soon become one. Could our secondary be better? Sure it can but I wouldn't consider them bad by any means. I think our interior line could use improvement but thats minor. The problem, is we don't have a deep threat WR, like a Mike Wallace but maybe Marlon Moore develops into one, but he only is a rookie and has a long way to go. As for Dan Henning, I think he will retire after the year is over anyway but he is only here because he is a good friend of Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland, is in charge now. Can everyone get off Tony Sparano's back? The players seem to love him and the half time adjustments, I think have gotten better every year. One of the few complaint's I have though, is that he wastes time-outs at unnecessary times. Even if we don't make the playoffs or have success in the playoffs, we can have another draft and have our young players (Most of our team) get better and develop, while adding some veterans and promising rookies in the offseason. 

Bottom Line- We can compete and are a couple plays away each time we play an elite or very good football team. The future is very bright and can everybody relax and focus on the game's ahead. We have a legit chance at making something happen this year and years ahead. We could be a lot worse, just look inside our own division with the 0-6 Bills..



As for myself, I don't post very often (school) but I can't wait to go back to school and hear a bunch of uninformed classmates/NFL fans tell me how much the Dolphins suck when they can't name the starting QB on the team they claim to be a die hard fan for...

Agree? Disagree? 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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