Step up at HOME Dolphins !

It's time DOLPHINS... !  Time to reward the loyal fans with a freaking HOME VICTORY !  When are we going to see this team defend it's home turf ?  WHEN ?

Not last year when I sat thru a horrible performance vs Houston (down 24-0 before we woke up)

WELL, the time is now - make a statement against a very good Steeler team - show us all that this season is not just about .500 - that we have a REASON to care about the future.  A reason to believe in this coaching staff, these players, and this offensive philosophy.  Look we are at home - Let's play 60 minutes of good football - offense, defense, and special teams.  (settle for average ST play without turnovers)  But DAN HENNING I'm looking at YOU - and I think you are past it... show me some better play calling - a better mix of run/pass that WORKS ! 

1 good play call (TE screen, last week) does not make you a genius.

Let's run outside and behind JAKE LONG - you dumbazz....  let's set up the run with the PASS, like the good teams do... anyone notice this is a PASSING LEAGUE now ? Let's run out of PASSING FORMATIONS - after we spread the field out - some quick draws... how about R & R on the field at the same time ? TOSS SWEEP LEFT AND RIGHT ..
Get Marshall involved early and Bess too.  Give ONE RB  20 carries and make the other a true backup - splitting carries hurts both - you haven't noticed this Dan Henning ?  Sleeping are you ?

MIKE NOLAN - calling you out too !!!  where has the defense been the last few weeks ? You started out pretty good - and now ?  We have been average + very bad vs the run... Settle on a DLINE rotation... I suggest moving Starks back to DE and playing big paulie at NT... we just need some DE pressure, and we are not getting any.

I still believe in this team - and support it ALWAYS. 40 years and counting, no matter what !  But we need some real hope - the season is right there for us to get back into. But make no mistake another AFC conference loss coming after losses to NE, NY will ruin this season.   Show me some passion at home - for once.

CHAD HENNE - time to grow up, show us some better decision making and quicker "reads"... no turnovers.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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