Distractions at home?

Ok, after a year -- my first fan post, which isn’t going to turn any football heads, but is something I have thought about in my infrequent spare time --  after going to the Monday Night game against the Pats at Sun Life Stadium.             

Can the artificial noise and non-stop ear-thumping-electro-guided cheering and general Sun Life entertainment mayhem -- create a distraction that matters?

Jake Long after the Green Bay game talked about how the team’s morale raises in the road wins. Then he said the team must now make it real back in Miami, where there are more “distractions.”

I’m fairly sure Jake (I have an orange ‘77’ jersey) didn’t mean in any direct way the ever-rising levels of video and speaker deafening inanity that I witnessed and experience on Monday night. And Monday night may be exceptional. Maybe it was sitting down near the field in the corner that was the problem. Not sure.  

But as a Finfan since Shula days, and visitor to the Orange Bowl and to Sun Life, I wonder if anyone else has thought that the fan cheering experience, and the sense of fan-field or fan-team interaction in the heat of the game, isn’t at times wiped out by all the electronic noise level.

On that Monday night it was impossible to talk with my buddy next to me, or feel any kind of collective genuine fan experience of the game. It was almost more irritating than the lady Pats fan in front of me wearing a halter top and a greasy black scrawl that said “Moss” on her back – and who wouldn’t sit down.

Even last year’s New England game which I was proud to attend on a Sunday afternoon, didn’t seem to have such an artificially created “enthusiastic” fan experience. And it seems leagues worse than 10 years back.

I wonder if in trying to jack up fan interest, Mr. Ross, whom I’m generally very happy about, hasn’t taken things a decibel or so too far?

On Monday Night I almost felt as if the electro-fantasia fan-guiding stadium projected cheers and music and the rest of it – took the fans as much out of the game, as the team’s performance.

Even Parcells if I’m not mistaken has once or twice voiced his concern about the phantasmagorical levels of sports-o-tainment at Sun Life. In the Orange Bowl we created our own thrills and it connected with the field. Sun Life is a different vehicle and maybe the loudspeakers are trying to make up for the lack of fan acoustics. I don’t get around to enough other stadiums.

Hardly a central question but thoughts if any as we are back at home if others find the experience less than ideal.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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