What is Happening?

Tell me please? What is happening to the amazing sport of Football? Really no hard hits, look I know we don't like seeing people injured but these players know what they get themselves into when they go out there. Football is a game of Intensity and Contact, if you don't like seeing hard hits then go watch soccer. I understand fining people for Helmet to Helmet but the fining of these two is just wrong:

Here's what people are saying:

"Plain and simple...ITs just a nice hit and he shouldn't be getting fined for it!"

"Dunta is appealing his fine and I applaud him. By the definition of the rule, this was clean. The whole NFL network agrees. Refs and the NFL just freaked out because of the outcome of the hit. To be honest, this play should not even had been flagged"

"He hit him with his right shoulder and the side of his head. He didn't lead with his head, it just followed his shoulder. Defenders heads will be part of the hit. That's why they wear helmets. If there were no possibilty to have your head make contact then they wouldn't have to wear helmets. It's part of the game. The NFL is just trying to sell more tickets by keeping it's "star" offensive players on the field. Offense sells tickets and all Goodell cares about is money."

"yeah see robinsons on the ground too..its not like he meant to do that..its part of the game if you cant deal with contact go swim or some ish"

You can clearly see both of these guys hit with their shoulders. These are LEGAL hits clean and Hard hits that should be looked at as pure amazement. Feel sorry for the other player sure but these people work out and sacrifice their bodies out there for the fans and these people include Defense players who put there bodies on the line to allow NO YARDS. This is the type of football I love to see, I love seeing a player put his body on the line to play A+ Defense and that's what these two did. Only hits that should be fined are the hits on Joshua Cribbs and Todd Heap but these two are Legal.

And before you say " But DPL you don't know how it feels" Your right i never got a concussion but i play the game of football at my high school and we are told before we play the circumstances of playing football and we accept. I play the game of football because i love it, and in fell in love with it the way it was before they decided to change the rules. People got to understand that football is a game of CONTACT. I understand Helmet to Helmet but sometimes it's going to happen if it was purposely then go ahead and fine but if you can tell that it was unavoidable then just let it be and let some boys play the sport they love.

Leave your thoughts please but i know for a fact and in my heart that Hits like those are from the passion of the defensive player and the speed and power it takes to play in the NFL and i know that before anybody played in the NFL they were well aware that Football is a tough, Physical and Dangerous sport but that's why your getting paid Millions of Dollars to do it so don't complain and go out there and do what you love to do because i could find many people who would love a chance to play in the NFL for a living.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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