On the verge of being a contender.

The Miami Dolphins are on the verge of being a top ranked contender.  Over the first four games we have seen they have all the pieces required.


  • Quarterback:  Chad Henne can make every throw needed and has the poise needed to march down the field.  
  • Running Back:  Between Ricky and Ronnie we have the ability to pound out games.
  • Wide Receiver:  Marshall is proving he is a dominating WR and Bess can soak up all the catches in the middle.
  • TE:  Fasano is a good blocker and possession receiver.  It would be nice to have a second TE with more receiving skills.
  • Offensive Line:  The tackles are great and the middle is doing a pretty good job.  They will improve when Jerry gets back.
  • Defensive Line:  Starks and Lankford are playing very well and when Odrick comes back it will be a solid line again.
  • Linebackers:  Dansby, Crowder, Wake and Missi.  When these 4 are on the field together again we will see their true potential.
  • Defensive Backs:  Davis, Bell and Clemons have played very well and Allen has flashed. 
  • Special Teams:  Carpenter and Fields have both done a great job but the surrounding cast has let us down.


On paper this team has what it takes and on the field they have shown it.  The problem is they have not all showed it at the same time.  In the first two weeks we had a defense that smothered opponents but the offense was awful.  In the third week the offense showed up but the Defense could not make the stops when needed.  In the last game both the defense and offense showed up but special teams and mistakes destroyed any chance we might have had coming out of the half.


After 4 games we are 2-2 and third in our division.  So why am I so optimistic?  Well it’s because there is nothing we can’t fix.  If we just play halfway decent on special teams.  Our starters on defense (Odrick and Crowder) come back and we stop shooting ourselves in the foot on offense.  There is not a team out there that we can’t beat!!!!!


Now we just need to pay attention to the details, concentrate, call good plays and execute like I know we can and we can finish off 9-3 and make it to the playoffs.  And then anything can happen!!!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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