Operation BM (Bring B. Marshall to Miami)

This is my second ever Fan Post so if the formatting isn't quite right, I apologize.

Okay, we all know the situation, we all that we still need that true #1 WR for this offense to spring to life.  Well, we also now know with all certainty that the Broncos are going to shop Brandon Marshall and trade him away in March since they've made it know.

Here is what we know about Brandon Marshall


Year   Team   G   Rec   Yds   Avg   Yds/G   Lng   TD   20+   40+  
2009 Broncos 15 101 1,120 11.1 74.7 75T  10 11 4
2008 Broncos 15 104 1,265 12.2 84.3 47 6 16 1
2007 Broncos 16 102 1,325 13 82.8 68T  7 13 3
2006 Broncos 15 20 309 15.5 20.6 71T  2 3 1

What stands out to me is that he has ove 100 receptions 3 years in a row, and thats with a recent QB switch.  What also stands out to me is that he's consistently over 1,000 yards per year.  I'm not worried about the TD's, as even Andre Johnson doesn't score a lot.   What we also know about BM is that he holds the record for most completions in a game, this season with 21 receptions in a single game....and thats facing double coverage for most if not all of that game.

For all of the talk about off the field issues, cancers etc... I'll just say this.  Really?  I don't care.   Shocked?  Don't be. Because if all drafted were choir boys, we'd rename our team the Ravenscroft Beauty College for Girls.....  Professional Football players, especially star players, seem to push the envelope.  I'm not condoning it, I think its horrible, and I think we have a legal system to deal with those issues.    For all of BM's off the field issues, he's still started 15 games every single season that he's been in the league.  Thats more than our own beloved Ronnie Brown.  So, his off the field issues aren't enough to get him suspended or incarcerated.

Then there is the argument that we can find an Andre Johnson type player in the draft.  Really?  Cuz, 32 teams have been looking for those players for years..... and outside of Larry Fitzgerald and AJ himself, all 32 teams have failed to find that player....year after year after year.  

WR's drafted by Year over the last 3 years.

2007 -     34 WR's were drafted
                Notables:   C. Johnson, T. Ginn, D. Bowe, S. Rice, S. Smith (NYG), S. Breaston,
                                   A. Gonzalez, R. Meachem
                Calvin Johnson, Rice, and Bowe can be considered legit #1, but other than CJ, are any
                of these guys even close to BM?    I'll even give Rice a pass, and we'll say 2 out of 34.

2008 -     35 WR's were drafted
                 Notables:  P. Garcon, D. Jackson, D. Avery, D. Bess
                 I'll go out on a limb and say of those D. Jack is the only one equivalent to BM.

2009 -     35 WR's were drafted
                 Notables:  P. Harvin, D. Heyward-Bey, M. Crabtree, K. Britt, B. Hartline
                 Obviously maybe only Harvin is even close.  Crabtree has potential, as does Britt, but
                 none of them are really up to where BM is.

So in 3 years, 104 WR's were drafted.  And we're saying out of that 104, only 5-6 TOPS are close to BM's proven productivity..... and thats really being favorable...  thats less than 6% success rate in drafting.  And 2007 was a good year for WR's, lots of potential in that draft.

The Plan:

What we know:

a)  We need a true #1 WR
b)  One is available
c)  We have the draft picks to acquire this player
d)  Our other Needs on the Defensive side, are usually found in the middle of the draft.
e)  We have an owner that likes to cater to the fans
     (see all of the recent changes with the stadium/celebrities etc)

What we are going to do:


1)  We're going to flood the Front Office, specifically Bill Parcells, with postcards requesting
      we trade for BM.

2)  The cost of a postcard is usually less than $1.50 and you can get cheap ones for under $1. 
      Postage is 44 cents.

or as a group

We, or I, set up a website, with a chipin function on it....everyone donates to it, and we use the money donated to have a web postcard company like bulk mail out however many we can purchase.

Quantity Bulk Mail
100 $62.99
300 $146.99
500 $228.49
1,000 $380.99
2,000 $729.99
3,000 $1,035.99
5,000 $1,645.99
10,000 $3,179.99


The message should be the same on all Postcards... i'm up for discussion on this, but figured we could keep it simple:

Dear Bill:

Please trade for Brandon Marshall. Only
3-6 WRs in the last 3 drafts are of his
caliber.  Take the proven commodity over
the lottery ticket.

Fans at
Miami Fans worldwide


We set a date of February 1st, or 7th for the mailing.... and hopefully we can get him several thousand delivered.
I'll post this information on as many Miami Dolphins blogs as I can find....and if we truly get a good response, I'll even send out a press release to media outlets in the Miami area about a fan push to acquire Brandon Marshall.....

So.....are we in?   Do I need to set up a quick website?    What are you thoughts?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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