Catch-All Scenario Thread

This is my attempt to have everyone post their offseason scenarios in one thread...i am sick of seeing all these posts that can easily be eleminated and posted as comments on one of 18 existing posts that say the same exact thing...and also these posts that have these absolutely ridiculous i ask that we get the 6 rec's so this will stay on top for a while and everyone can post whatever thoughts they have on whatever they think the Dolphins should do, whether it be FA, draft, trade or whatever else you guys can think of...

By the way:

Henne is our starter, there will be no competition

Ginn is not all that bad, he just not a #1, if we get a true #1 i think Ginn will be more productive as a #2, and he can do some serious damage as a returner if we shore up our return unit....stop with all these ridiculous ideas regarding him

RB is NOT our most pressing need...nor is QB

1st round selection will most likely be a defensive guy, hopefully McClain or Spikes

Tebow will most likely be a bust as a QB, and should not be drafted in the 1st round, but i think he could be a solid RB, which people tend to disagree with me

I will be wet if we get Brandon Marshall, but it is very unlikely we get him, read the Life in an Uncapped World by rroan28 that explains why it will be hard, and costly for us to even consider it

Forget about getting Miles Austin!! He will not be leaving Dallas!! Jerry Jones will fart out a shit-ton of money and have a statue of Austin carved out of pure gold to keep him there. Austin will not be leaving Dallas!!! (H/T to Chupathingy)

An ode is a poem, not a list


again, this is meant to reduce the number of fanposts and for everyone's ideas to be in one i ask that this gets rec'd so everyone can see it for a while


p.s. Young Guys Rule, Old Guys Drool




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