The Case for MVP...

As you all know, or should know, the MVP of the NFL season comes out on January 10th. A lot of people will argue that this isn't much of a debate and that Manning will most likely win his 4th MVP honors. But I find that boring because in reality one could make the case that Manning deserves to win MVP every year, which would make the award nugatory. The Associated Press MVP award has existed since 1957 and that is the award most people are referring to when they are talking about the MVP award. In reality the award has no real value and is just something that is tacked on when achievements of a certain player are listed, but nonetheless the debate surrounding it always happens to be interesting. Now obviously no player for the Dolphins is "in the hunt" this year, unlike last year, so many may find this futile to even discuss but whatever I find it interesting so I'm sharing it will all of you.

The players that are most mentioned when this years MVP award is talked about are quarterbacks: Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Philip Rivers along with running back Chris Johnson. In the stat comparisons I researched, I left out Johnson because frankly it is almost impossible to compare 4 quarterbacks and one running back. Johnson's shots at winning MVP are almost impossible seeing how the Titans ended up missing the playoffs, yet had a very amazing turn-around nonetheless. Here is a chart I made/stole from, I only included stats that were worthwhile in this debate because honestly who cares how many negative rushing yards Peyton Manning had.

                                            Favre    Manning    Brees    Rivers
Games                                 16           16            15         16


Pass Attempts                  531          571          514       486

Pass Completions           363          393          363       317

Completion Percentage  68.4         68.8          70.6    65.2

Passing Yards                  4,202       4,500      4,388     4,254

Yards Per Attempt              7.9            7.9           8.5         8.8

Touchdown Passes           33            33            34           28

Interceptions                          7             16            11            9
Times Sacked                       34           10             20           25
Passer Rating                    107.2         99.9       109.6     104.4

Team Record                     12-4            14-2          13-3      13-3

So as you can see by the stats, there are different ways to interpret how each quarterback did. Brett Favre uncharacteristically threw the least amount of interceptions this year for his career and this MVP debate, whereas Peyton Manning threw the most out of these 4 quarterbacks. Drew Brees and Philip Rivers had a very close amount of YPA, both over 8.5 while Manning and Favre each had 7.9. The amount of times Favre was sacked shows he played through a seemingly worse O-Line than the rest of the quarterbacks, while Peyton Manning was miraculously only sacked 10 times this season and enjoyed a very good O-Line. The Colts ended up having the best team record whereas the Vikings had the worse, in this debate that is. Brees lead the way with touchdown passes, while also rushing for 2 and Rivers had the least. The highest quareterback rating goes to Brees while Favre is right behind him and Rivers and Manning fall in after.

Now you all can read, I don't need to go through each and every aspect. You all are able to interpret this how ever you want and I'm sure most of you think Manning will/should win. But it isn't much fun just assuming he will win when the votes could be very different than we all think.

So there you all have it. Let me know who you think will win and include why you think so. I'm sure you all can guess who I want to win, but that is different than who might actually win. And remember the one that gets the ring may be a totally different story this year.

Fav540222_medium   Man515097_medium  Bre229498_medium  Riv651634_medium

Pick Me...........No Pick Me...........No Me...................ME!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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