Bill Parcell's Draft History

There seems to be quite a bit of debate as to how Bill Parcell's will conduct this year's upcoming draft.  While no one for sure can predict what he will do come draft day, I thought I would give you what he has done historically as a perspective.  For those of you who think Parcells might draft a NT in the first round.  In 21 years, Parcells has never drafted a NT/DT in the first round.  The round he's drafted the most NT/DT?  The 12th round, which doesn't even exist anymore.  As for those of you hoping the first round pick will be a WR.  You have a 10% chance of that happening.  Parcells has drafted 2 WR in the first round (Mark Ingram and Terry Glenn).  Here are the raw numbers after the jump:

Position                                                                              Round Drafted

                   1st       2nd       3rd          4th       5th       6th        7th       8th       9th         10th        11th       12th

QB               1           2           1           X          1          1           2          X          X            X            1           X

RB/FB         2           1           1           4          1          6           2          1          1            X            1           2

WR              2           3           3           3          2          5           2          1          X            X            1           1

TE                X           1           2           2          5          2           3          1          X            1            X           X

G                 2            2           3           1          4          3           2          X          1            1            1           X

T                 1             2          1            3          1          5           3          2          X            X            X           X

C                 1            1          2            1          X          1           1          X          X             X           X           X

DE               3           5           4           4           X          2           1          X          2            1           1           X

DT               X           2            1           2          2          2           2          X          1            1           1            3

LB                4           4           1           3          1          3           3           1          X            3           1           3

DB               4           4            6          3           5          4          5           2          1            2            2          1

K                 X            X            X          X           1          X           X          X           1           X            X          1

P                 X            X            X          X           1          X           X          X           X           X            X           X



Now what this shows me is that Parcells believes he can find suitable offensive weapons either through FA or later in the draft (Only 28% of first 4 rounds were QB, RB, WR, or TE).

Parcells loves DBs.  40 of them in all (17%) 

Parcells really loves DBs and LBs.  He has drafted a DB in every draft except two (1994 Patriots and 2008 Dolphins), and a LB in all but three (1990 Giants, 2004 Cowboys, and 2008 Dolphins).

Parcells hates special teams.  4 of them in all (3 K, 1 P, 0.17%)

Parcells is an equal opportunity drafter (52% offense, 48% defense).

Parcells loves the 6th round (15%, 34 picks total).

Notable 1st rounders:  Drew Bledsoe (his only 1st round QB selection), Rodney Hampton, Carl Banks, Mark Ingram and Terry Glenn (his only 1st round WR selections), Ty Law, Willie McGinest, James Farrior, DeMarcus Ware, Terrence Newman, Jake Long, and Vontae Davis


Notable late round Gems (4th round or lower):  Matt Stover (12th round),  Dave Meggett (5th round), Howard Cross (6th round), Mark Bavaro (4th round), Dave Wohlabaugh (4th round), Troy Brown (8th round), Jason Fabini (4th Round), Jason Ferguson (7th round), Marion Barber (4th round), Nathan Jones (our very own in the 7th round), Brian Hartline (4th round), and Donald Thomas (6th round).


Notable 1st round busts:  Eric Dorsey (1986 Giants), George Adams (1985 Giants), Bobby Carpenter (2006 Cowboys), and Marcus Spears (2005 Cowboys),


For those of you wondering about Parcells propensity to trade first round picks.  He has done it once in his 21 years.  He traded a 1st and 3rd for Curtis Martin in 1998.  Which is why as I've stated before, Parcells only goes after FAs that he knows and trusts.  Especially for high priced ones.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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