Players we MUST keep:

Hi, everyone. I'm starting a mini-series which includes, must-keep players, players of good trade value, and players that have to go.

This one, in case you haven't notice yet, is players that we must keep, including the obvious ones.

I listed all the starters and most of the backups, but there are some 3rd and 2nd stringers that I just don't know enough about to do this post on them, so bear with me.

Warning, this post is really long. If you don't have time to read everything, just look at the end of the sentence, and the last few words will sum up what I said.


Chad Henne. Necessity rating: 9.

Pat White. This one is tough. I think before we let him go, we should see what else he can do. And hopefully see an improvement in the passing game. Necessity rating: 5

Tyler Thigpen. Thigpen is a solid backup, and not a bad idea for a wildcat player, showing he can throw, run, and catch very effectively. Necessity rating: 7.


Ronnie Brown. Some say that Ronnie isn't a total necessity, but the truth is, he is our best player, and one of the best players in the NFL. He also provides for a very solid running game for when our young QB is struggling, and makes the play action that much more of a pain for the opponents defense. He is also the heart of running the wildcat successfully. Without him, we don't really have a wildcat. Necessity rating: 9.

Ricky Williams. Necessity rating: 8.

Patrick Cobbs: Our utility back that can do it all. Necessity rating: 7.

Lex Hilliard: He runs hard, fast, strong. He might end up replacing Ronnie in the future, I would like to see us hand on to him. Necessity rating: 6.

Kory Sheets: I want to see him play more, but we have 5 running backs. Necessity rating: 4.


Ted Ginn. Oh, boy. This guy is bitter-sweet. Sometimes making key catches and good returns. Sometimes, quite the opposite. This one is hard to grade, but; necessity rating: 5.

Davone Bess: Arguably the best slot receiver in the league, and probably the best WR on our team, I really hope he is part of this team for many years to come. Necessity rating: 9.

Brian Hartline. He shows so many good qualities. Hands, awareness, intelligence, patience, route-running, dicipline, etc. He is already forming into an ideal #2 guy. Necessity rating: 8.

Greg Camarillo: 'ol reliable for us. Gets open, and catches everything. What more could you ask for? Necessity rating: 7.

Patrick Turner: Unless he gets himself into gear this offseason, I don't see him making the team. I had high hopes for him early this year, but right now, he really hasn't shown us anything. Necessity rating: 4.


Anthony Fasano. He, in the beginning, was playing very sloppy football, but later on, he cleaned himself up, and began to produce like he did last year. If he can continue to play the way he did late this year, I think we can live without a star TE. We have more important problems. Necessity rating: 8.

Joey Haynos: Big guy. But thats about it. He can catch and block ok. He is an okay backup for Fasano. Necessity rating: 6.

Kory Spearry: Although we were kind of all exited to see him play more, after a nice TD catch mid season, the coaches have not played him much. There is definitely a downside to his play that we have not seen from him yet. Necessity rating: 5.


Lousaka Polite: I love Lousaka. He is sick-nasty. One of the key players to our offensive success. Necessity rating: 9.

OFFENSIVE LINE: (starters only here, I don't know much about the backups):

Jake Long. Necessity rating: 10.

Justin Smiley. Necessity rating: 9.

Jake Grove. Necessity rating: 9.

Donald Thomas. He was a bit of a question mark early this season, but he has shown that he is a solid offensive linemen. Necessity rating: 8.

Vernon Carey. He has played kinda sloppy lately, and he is aging too. He may not be around in Miami much longer... Necessity rating: 7.


Kendall Langford: Big guy, solid end. Necessity rating: 8.

Phillip Merling: I like this guy a lot. He plays really smart, tough football. Necessity rating: 8.

Jason Ferguson: He is good, but getting old. Time to replace him. Necessity rating: 3.

Paul Soliai: This guy is huge. Not a bad player. Not a star, by any means, but he plays alright. Necessity rating: 7.

Randy Starks: His name is awesome, and so are his stats. He always finds a way to pressure the QB. Necessity rating: 9.

LB: Jason Taylor: This one really depends on how many LBs we pick up this offseason. Assuming we pick one up in his position this offseason: necessity rating: 7.

Channing Crowder: Not the best coverage LB you will ever find, but he is a very effective run stopper. When we get that new guy starting opposite him, he will be a very valuable player, even though he already is. Necessity rating: 8.

Reggie Torbor: Necessity rating: 6.

Akin Ayodele: Necessity rating: 7.

Joey Porter: On the same boat as Jason Taylor. It all depends on the offseason. Necessity rating: 7.

Charlie Anderson: Necessity rating: 6.

Cameron Wake: Necessity rating: 6.


Will Allen: Another tough one. He is good, but I would like the youngsters to get as much experience as possible. Necessity rating: 7.

Vontae Davis: Sooooo much potential. Necessity rating: 10.

Sean Smith: Much potential also. Necessity rating: 10.

Jason Allen: Necessity rating: 5.

Nate Jones: Really good in the nickel. Necessity rating: 7.


Yeremiah Bell: Necessity rating: 8.

Gibril Wilson: I hate him. Terrible player. If we don't let him go this offseason, I'm gonna go protest. Necessity rating: 2.

Chris Clemons: He is fast :). He needs to improve in some areas, but he has nice potential. Maybe when Bell gets older, he can replace him. Necessity rating: 7.


Dan Carpenter: He is awesome. Necessity rating: 9.


Brandon Fields: Also awesome. Last year he was very erratic, this year, he has cleaned himself up very much, although still slightly inconsistent, but he is still a great, young punter. Necessity rating: 9.

What do you guys think?


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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