What Pat White should be doing this offseason

I would like to preface this Fan Post with a warning. It  is a very long and exhaustive Post but it will be my first and only post in defense for Pat White. First, this is a defense of keeping Pat White as a QB for next season but I am in no way advocating that he should be backup to Henne by default as he was this past season.Second, as we all have seen, Thigpen is deserving of being backup as of this time. With that said, Thigpen should be given the opportunity to challenge for the starting position and definitely for the backup position. Pat White is not a rookie anymore and he shouldn't be protected as he was this pass season. From here on out he must earn his spot and position on the roster and if not the coaching staff shouldn't hesitate to put him on the Practice squad or make him earn his spot in another position. Third, I'm approaching this argument in keeping Pat White as a QB next season from as much of an objective point of view as I possibly can. I will admit some bias in the fact that since he was a rookie last year he should be given ONE more chance to prove his worth.

All right, I know many of you have basically burned and rolled the Pat White bandwagon over the cliff many moons ago. If there was a band wagon, of course. Maybe I was the only one on? But moving along, I'm going to give some thoughts about what Pat White should be doing this offseason to give his wanting to be a QB in the NFL some hope.

We all know Pat White is small(175lbs actually but 190lbs with pads and helmet) and short(5'10 actually but 6' with shoes on). Bad combination for a man hoping to be a QB in the NFL. It seems the current NFL QB mold is said individual should be no more shorter than 6'3'' and should not weigh less than 220 lbs. So, with that said I'm going to  commit the ultimate sin. You should stop reading now if you absolutely hate Pat White and use "We should've gotten Maualuga with the second round pick" arguement when you hear the name Pat White even though Maualuga was taken off the Draft board by the time it was our turn to pick in the second round.

Ok, so to all of you who are still with me. The sin I will make is I'm going to mention the greatest player to have ever worn the aqua and orange uniform in an article that is about a player many on this blog consider the worst player to wear our beloved aqua and orange. Yes, Dan Marino. Dan Marino is the prototypical NFL QB. He's 6'4 and weighed in at 228-230 when he played the game and after completing Nutrisystem.  I'm going to use Dan Marino as an example of what people currently view as the body of an NFL QB. As you can imagine, Pat White has none of the physical attributes that Dan Marino has. And he will NEVER have them due to what Dan Marino has is the genes. Can't do anything about that. What Pat White seems to have that attracted Bill Parcells is Mental acumen and hunger of what a prototypical QB has to have to at least make it into the level of the NFL. 

Now to further expand, I do believe he has the mental smarts to make it and justify this coaching staff to keep him on as QB. Parcells on down marvel at this kid's intellect. Recently, Salguero interviewed Sparano at the senior bowl and you got the impression Sparano was just expressing how sharp Pat White is. This can not be over looked due to I think of someone else with the same mental acuity and physical traits as Pat White, actually two, no make that three, QB's come to mind. Warning, again I'm going to list two hall of fame quarterbacks and one surefire hall of famer quarter back. In an article that's about Pat White. Stop reading if you can't take it anymore and feel that Pat White should convert to WR, KR/PR if the dolphins decide to keep him next season on the active roster and if they don't you might consider rooting for the jests or patriots if he's still listed as a QB on the depth chart next season.

I warned you but I do admit to revere your openess  for discussion. The first of course is none other than Drew Brees. Stay with me here you've made it this far. Drew Brees and Pat White are the same person they're just different races. That's the only thing separating them form being twins.Oh, and of course age. Drew Brees has proven the prototypical formula of a pocket passing QB on it's head. As far as I'm concerned, Brees has justified that he's an elite QB and should be mentioned in the same breath with Peyton and Brady on who are the elite QB's in the NFL. The guy has the text book throwing motion that every QB guru tries to model when teaching a young up incoming QB who has a terrible release point. Looking at Brees throwing the ball with that release is awe inspiring. It's like he's at an Irish pub throwing Darts. Second QB is none other than Steve Young. I envision when everything is said and down, if Pat White does get it together, he'll be a more faster and agile version of Steve Young. Their approach of the game is identical in that they both feel comfortable scrambling,throwing out of the boot leg,they both throw left handed,and both are freakishly smart. The third QB that Pat White can become and they share the same  mental and physical attributes down to the measuring tape and IQ score is Fran Tarkenton. Fran Tarkenton, much like Steve Young, proved his worth with being able to throw darts while running almost at full speed or throwing off his back foot. Again, Pat White could be the same QB as Fran Tarkenton, White has proven he can throw the deep ball with ease just like Tarkenton.

Now onto what I feel Pat White should be doing now and the rest of this offseason. First, we all know that he has a terrible throwing motion that David Lee is trying to correct. Pat White should get Brees' phone number right now and call him, text, email, send messenger pigeons, go to Gotham and steal the Bat signal just get in communication with Brees. Not only to workout and give him advice on how to throw correctly as an NFL QB but how to be able to throw from the pocket being all of 5'10''. Another thing Brees can assist him with is how to put on some weight. Pat White is the proverbial skinny kid. That's just his body type. There is a certain way for a person who is an ectomorph to put on weight that is mainly muscle. In researching Brees, I found out that he also has the attributes of an ectomorph so he's got the secret or a trainer to be able to put on good muscle weight. Either Brees can give him the diet and workout plan he uses or refer White to his personal trainer. White needs to put on weight. He has to weigh in at 205-210lb's dry(naked) by training camp or I can't condone this coaching staff still listing him as a QB.

White should be talking to Young right freakin' now. As far as I'm concerned, White should be staying in Salt Lake City with Young. Young is a Hall of Famer and is a lefty. Being a QB as a lefty, for that matter being a lefty in the USofA, everything is backwards. He has to learn how to direct and teach the OL from his point of view. Which is tough especially he being a rookie and picking up a pro style of offense. The main reason I feel White can't take a snap under center is because the line is going right with him going left. He's trying to compute backwards at the line so he's too busy to pay attention to the snap. What I mean is the O line is protecting the weakside which is usually their left and not the right side which is White's weakside. So him and Carey have to gain chemistry or his going to be sacked on every down like he was in the Pittsburgh game. Also, he has to form chemistry with Long because he's now the strong side and most perform the duties that's usaully done by Carey. Young will be able to teach him on how to direct the line from a south paw's point of view. Looking at Youngs highlight reels his line and him were one unit. This was necessary due to he was a lefty and that brings a lot of issues when seeing the field. Imagine trying to read English with words flipped sdrawkcab(backwards), that's how a lefty NFL QB see's the field. 

On him working with Tarkenton, not so much. Tarkenton manages a couple of tech companies so he won't be able to field questions from any player in the NFL.  And it's been +20 years since he's played the game. I feel that White should get every film that has Tarkenton on it and learn how Tarkenton operated on the run and in the pocket. Study how he was able to run and throw the ball with complete accuracy and control while running at full speed or close to it. And running at full speed stopping on a dime and having his feet and upper torso set to heave a missile +30 yards down the field. White's foot mechanics is dreadful. Watching film on Tarkenton's foot mechanics will help him so much due to their both natural agile runners he'll be able to see how to set his body and feet correctly to heave bombs down field. Now running around the field like a chicken with it's head cut off isn't going to work in today's NFL. The players are more faster and a heck of a lot more agile as White noticed this past season. But being able to feel the pressure and avoid it with ease as Tarkenton will be beneficial. The guy had an awesome clock in the pocket and a killer three step drop. He knew when to stay in the pocket and escape it at the exact time prior to it collapsing. The guy was never pressured or hurried, he always dictated where he was going to be on the field and where his pursuer will be. That sound's kind of crazy and illogical but it's true, watch one of his highlight reels! And, add to the fact that he once owned all passing records before Dan Mario took them. And he is a classic ectomorph and he was all of 6' and 190lb.s when he did it. Hmm... Who else is 6' and 190lb.s and an ectomporph, I wonder...

But to end, I'm not claiming that Pat White is going to be a hall of famer a franchise QB or make a run breaking some QB passing records. But what I am saying is White can workout with Brees, Young, and study Tarkentons techniques from film and become an NFL QB and a solid backup to Henne for many seasons. I'm on the Bandwagon of giving him a season to earn his spot as a QB. Now if his 2010 season is a carbon copy of the 2009 season, yes, I'll be saying "We should have drafted Maualuga with our second round pick" argument every time I hear the name Pat White. I just can't get the image out of my head when White would enter the game against the Patriots and Bellicheat would call time out or run up and down his sidelines to make sure the players he wanted on the field when White was on the field were on the field. Every body says that Bellicheat is a defensive genius and a Hall of Fame caliber coach. Why would a defensive genius and Hall of Fame caliber coach run up and down the sideline when an unproven undersized rookie entered the game?????

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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