My Crystal Ball: The Road to Miami ends today!

The 2009-2010 NFL season is quickly coming to a close right in front of our very eyes.  It seems like yesterday I was at my own Fantasy Football Draft saying how great Matt Forte was and how lucky I was to get Burner Turner at pick 5.

Since that time there have been some great things happen in the NFL, and with one more win to get to Miami I pull out the crystal ball once again.

NY Jets at Indy:

Have you ever heard something so ridiculous that it just made you crack up on the inside?  In my opinion that is what I keep hearing when all of these " professionals" continue to pick the NY Football Jets to upset Indy.

Really?  The obvious key to the game is to keep QB extraordinaire Peyton Manning off of the field, but is that enough?  Does anyone else remember the week 2 game between the Colts and Dolphins?  It was a great one in which the Fins kept Mr. MVP on the sideline for the majority of the game, only to for the Colts to get a classic Peyton Manning win.

The Fins played Indy tough, but the Colts and Manning knew what they had to do to win, and they did.  That game could be a perfect measure for this one.  It is going to be defense vs. offense, Wayne vs. Revis, and legend vs. rookie.

If the Colts are going to win, then they will need to confuse Revis.  No, they are not going to confuse him and make him wear shoes on the wrong feet, but they can get him mixed up in coverage.  Revis will not cover Wayne one on one all day long.  If he does then the Colts will win.  They have too many weapons for the Jets to contain.  Watch out for the inside slant to Dallas Clark to have a huge impact in this game.

Prediction:  A lot of people are saying that this game is going to be close.  If the Colts come out and score points in bunches early, then the Jets will be packing...Pants not shorts.  I expect this one to be another notch on Peyton's belt as he pushes forth on another Super Bowl run.  Colts over Jets 24-10.


Vikings at Saints:

The other game on the slate today is the barn burner at the Super Dome.  Better known as Favre's push for perfection.  Perfection meaning he has the chance to walk away on top as a champion.

This is going to be the game of the week.  While it would be stupid ans selfish for us to ask for another Cardinals vs. Pack type of game, that could very well be what we are in store for.  These are two of the best offenses in the game, with some of the most explosive and fun to watch players in the league.

First off...Brett Fav-Ra...How can anyone root against him?  He is the prototypical good old boy.  He is always smiling, and seems to be having more fun this season than any other.  His good games (butt slaps) and constant talk will lighten the spirits of the Viks, but can he deliver the KO punch needed to put the Saints to sleep at home?

Simply put, the Saints have lightning in a bottle.  They can put up 50 points and hold the other team to under 14.  That is a dangerous combination.  In this game they need to put pressure on Brett.  Make him make decisions.  Brett has thrown the most TD passes in history, but has also thrown the most picks.  In this game a pick or two may be the difference in another Favre dominated off season and a trip to Miami.  Pressure, Pressure, Pressure!  Defense will win this game.

Prediction:  My boy D is not going to like me for this one, but the Brett Favre fairytale will continue today.  Brees has experience but Brett has the intangibles.  If there is time on the clock and Brett has a chance to win the game...He will!  Expect this one to be close, but a fumble by a prominent Saints player will be the difference.

See you guys in Miami for the Super Bowl!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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