My Offseason Fins Thoughts and Tidbits

First off, I’d like to see the season end in the following way: Colts destroy Jets and meet the Saints in the Super Bowl where Drew Brees leads the Saints to victory. I would also like to see the Dolphins hire the second coming of Dick Lebeau as their d-coordinator. I’m not totally sold on Dean Pees. New England’s defense was horrendous against the pass this year and part of it was they did not have the talent that they did before (i.e Rodney Harrison, Asante Samuel, Ty Law, Randall Gay etc). I want a d-coordinator who can turns things around despite the loss of defensive leaders and talent but with the market how it is right now, I guess we’ll have to settle for a Dean Pees, Pepper Johnson, or in-house hire.

I would like to see the following positions addressed as well and would be happy with one of the listed players from each position:

·         Nose Tackle: Vince Wilfork (Likely to be franchised), Dan Williams, Aubrayo Franklin (Likely to be franchised), or Ryan Pickett. Vince Wilfork or Aubrayo Franklin would be a dream come true for our defense in replacing Jason Ferguson. Although it is very unlikely we pick them up, I would be stoked if pulled one of them away from their respective teams. Dan Williams is a high motor DT from Tennessee that I wouldn’t mind seeing in a Dolphins uniform, but probably not for the 12th overall pick. If he was picked up by us in the second round, it would be a steal. Ryan Pickett seems like a player that should hit the market that could play nose but it would be hard to get him for the right price. Some team will likely overpay him.

·         Inside Linebacker: Karlos Dansby, Derrick Johnson, Rolando McClain, or Brandon Spikes. Honestly, I really want to see Karlos Dansby on our team. I think it is way more likely this year than last cause this year was a down year for him. He is a definite upgrade over Akin Ayodele. I would also take Derrick Johnson, who can play inside and outside, for the right price, but the way the market is these days, I don’t see it happening. Rolando McClain would be awesome at number 12 and I will be following him on draft boards. Lastly, if none of the other names pan out, I wouldn’t mind getting Brandon Spikes.

·         Ronnie Brown stays and is healthy.

·         A tight end and wide receiver who can consistently hold onto the ball. I honestly don’t care who we pick up at these two positions as long as they can catch well placed balls. I am so sick of seeing dropped passes. Maybe it’s the humidity in Florida? I don’t know, but I just want two players who can consistently catch the ball. Right now, Bess is the best we have and even he has problems at times. Hopefully Parcells and Co have someone in mind.

·         Lastly, I hope we get improved play from the free safety position. I am not a fan of Gibril (Gerbil) Wilson and that is the majority, if not unanimous, opinion on this site. But as someone posted, Sparano didn’t exactly knock the guy at the end of the year for being the biggest problem on defense and said the situation, like all positions on the team, will be further evaluated. If (fingers crossed and praying we don’t) we keep Gibril, hopefully he plays next year. Makes tackles. Picks off passes that are tipped into his hands. The basics that a player of his salary should do.

These are some of my wishes for the offseason. If I had to sum it up into my favorite scenario, I’d say, we sign Wilfork, draft McClain, Ronnie Brown stays, we sign Tony Scheffler, cut Gibril, and sign O.J Otagwe from the Rams. The Otagwe signing would be iffy because he knows how to tackle but he was also put on IR this year.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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