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Okay, so I'm getting so fed up with bored with the fact that every fanpost over here is on the same thing, so I decided that in order to bring some fun to the Phinsider, I'd create a competition of sorts. I don't know how this will go over but I think that we should have some fun while having nothing else to talk about because our team is not in the playoffs. So my plan for this is to have this "competition" and announce the winner a few days after this post has been posted, in that post I will post off the answers and list the top performers. I ask for you all to not look up whatever questions are being asked, because it would be cheating and take away the glory of winning based on what you know. So get your football knowledge ready and let's get this thing started.

Topic: Super Bowl



There are 15 of luck!

1) Although not winning MVP in this Super Bowl, this quarterback beat the Patriots to capture the Super Bowl in 1996.

2) There are 4 NFL teams to win a Super Bowl and never lose a Super Bowl. Name one of them.

3) How many Super Bowl hosts have won a Super Bowl in their stadium?

4) In 2012, this team will host the Super Bowl.

5) This year generated the controversy of Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson and the "clothing malfunction."

6) This HOF quarterback won his first Super Bowl at age 37 and followed up the next year winning another.

7) There are 5 teams that have never played in a Super Bowl. Name one.

8) There are two NFL quarterbacks that have 4 Super Bowl rings. Name both.

9) This team has won 6 Super Bowls.

10) This team appeared in 4 Super Bowls in a row, losing all 4.

11)  How many teams have been shut out in the Super Bowl?

12) There are 3 people who have won the Super Bowl as both a player and a head coach. Name one.

13) This player was the MVP of the first Super Bowl.

14) Which player threw the most yards in Super Bowl.

15) This team turned the ball over a record amount of 9 times in a Super Bowl loss.


There were so many more interesting questions that I could have asked, but I actually wanted you guys to get these right. So I'll announce who won my competition in the following days. I will know if you cheated because I expect you guys to get some of these wrong. So good luck, sorry if you find this too hard.


Also, don't look at others answers and use them, because as they always told you in school, you could be changing a right answer.

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