3-4 vs  4-3

3-4  vs   4-3

i like the 3-4 much better as it doesnt show what type of cards you are holding in your hands. BUT you need the right DC for it. Pauly "Part Time" Pasqualoni wasnt!!

I hate the JETS
I hate Fat Rex
BUT i like how he plays

- overloading a specific side and dropping all of the other side back into coverage
- blitzing with 7 and as the QB is about to throw he figures out that its only a 3 men rush as the other blitzers just made 2 steps and then dropped back

thats something we didnt do, our D was to stiff, and we didnt attack
what our team is doing a great job and why we are that high in the sack ranking is
- we are able to overpower OLines

add some wrinkles (more speed on the OLB position)
add a reliable ILB next to Crowder (McCaine/Spikes)

Ps: whatever happend with Roth is a tragic, i really liked that kid and i think he is phenomenal against the run and we missed him in our rotation. what we need are 2 stoud OLB vs the run and bring in Wake + a healthy Porter on 2nd & long or 3rd & long (pass situations)

that being said we have the player personal to play both, im not a huge fan of the 4-3 as its much more difficult to surprise QBs. Look at the Elite QB's, Payton Manning for example still has a hard time with most 3-4 defs after so many years.

I do believe our front 3 will be just fine. If we could add Wilfork in FA that would be sick.




GOALLINE: McDaniels, Wilfork, Soliali, Starks, Langford, Merling...thats a lotta beef

i like that we rotate our players a lot and i doubt that there are teams right now with a better DLine Depth (maybe the Giants if everybody would be helathy) I also wanna put it down that i believe McDaniels for a 7th rounder was a robbery that dude is huge, flying around and he will be a very fine player for us

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