Player Nicknames - Part 1

So, we have a tradition here on The Phinsider of calling players anything but their given name.  Why?  Why not (us).

It gave us things like The Flying Squirrel and the Rothweiler.

Plus, favorites like CP10 and DC$.

We also had some controversy as debates continued between Mach 19 and The Ginnja.

As such, I thought we should do a nickname post., so we can nominate and then decide on nicknames for our players.  I am going to list about 10 players (give or take in each post) below, and ask you all to please nominate some nicknames.  Once we make it through nominations of all 53 players (and some might not get know, not everyone deserves a nickname...yet), I'll do a post to vote on names, and then we will be set for the year...

Until we decide to debate a different name.



Without further ado (I'll place nominations next to players' names)...


Chad Pennington - CP10, Grandma's Boy, Penne, Paddington Bear

Chad Henne - Optimus Prime, The Chosen One, Th Messiah, Hanging, Quagmire, Can He?, The Mad Bomber, Clipboard, Henneone can hold a clipboard, Franchise

Pat White - PDub, Shrimp Patty, The Great White Land Shark, WildPat, Who?, TBA

Ronnie Brown - R&R Express (With Ricky Williams), SAM, Ronnie Brown, Runnin' Down

Ricky Williams - RunRickyRun, The Guru Pitka, Socrates, Smoke, High Stepper, 401K, 341K

Patrick Cobbs - Corn On The, Corn, WildCobbs, Korn, Trick, Kabob, Handyman, Mr. Do Right, Mr. Utility, Dirty Cobbs (Does the JObs)

Lex Hilliard - Sexy Lexy, Tucan Sam, Inactive, Flex, Don't Call Me Ike, Lexasaurus

Lousaka Polite, 1st and 10, Mr., Lousaka Monster, 4DP, Rude Boy, Mr. Manners, Not So, Impolite

Anthony Fasano - The Faucet, The Bull, Rocky, The Stallion, Faaz, Flyin' Italian, Jersey Boys (with Nalbone), Tony Tight Hands, Italian Thunder

Joey Haynos - Sasquatch, 6'8", NAYGOOOOORRR!, Who?, The Teal Giant, Goliath, 49ers Killer

John Nalbone - Nalboner, Bones, Gives Me, Nylaboner, Nalbonian DYNOOOOOMITE!!!


Let's hear your nominations!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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