Success For Chad Henne

So many things are made of what success is for a rookie errr 2 year QB.  What is success to you?  Is it Wins? Completion %? Low TO Ratio? 

This may come in all different forms but if he is going to be our QB of the future I think we are going to have to live by Bill Parcells saying "If he doesn't bit as a puppy he isn't going to bit"  which really means that if he doesn't show us anything in the next 13 games we will know in some shape or form.

To get a better understanding of what is expected out of Chad Henne I'm going to breakdown some of the elite QB's rookie seasons and kind of put an average of them and use that as the baseline or target for him to reach this season.  IMO if he is just a bit under that is fine as you will see the QB group I am using are that of an elite group.

Phillip Rivers                         GS 16    Comp 61.7    TD 22  INT 9     Yrds 3,388     FL 2

Peyton Manning                   GS 16    Comp 56.7    TD 26  INT 28   Yrds 3,739     FL 1

Tom Brady                             GS 14    Comp 63.9    TD 18  INT 12   Yrds 2,843     FL 3

Big Ben                                   GS 13    Comp 66.4    TD 17  INT 11   Yrds 2,621     FL 2

Drew Brees                           GS 16    Comp 60.8    TD 17  INT 16   Yrds 3,284     FL 0

Jay Cutler                               GS 16    Comp 63.6    TD 20  INT 14   Yrds 3,497     FL 4

Matt Hassleback                 GS 12    Comp 54.8    TD   7  INT 8      Yrds 2,023    FL 2

Carson Palmer                      GS 13    Comp 60.9    TD 18 INT 18    Yrds 2,897    FL 2

Eli Manning                            GS  7     Comp 48.2    TD  6 INT  9       Yrds 1,043   FL 1

Matt Ryan                              GS 16     Comp 61.1   TD 16 INT 11     Yrds 3,440    FL 1


AVERAGE                            GS 13.9  Comp 60.3      TD 17 INT 14    Yrds 2,617  FL 2

So this is what we should see if Chad Henne is on the right track to becoming a "elite" QB in the NFL.  IMO this doesn't seem to be to much to ask for.  The one thing that we are going to have to understand as a fanbase is that he will throw INT's and make mistakes but if the ball is going in the endzone and at the end of the day we win around 6-8 of our remaining games I will personally be impressed.   Patience is going to be needed by all of us and hopefully by next season we won't be begging to have Chad Pennington back ...although I wish he was still our QB at this very moment :(

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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