The Chill Pill: Stop The Bleeding

Oh how i wish it were just sniffles and sneezes this week.  How i wish a little guafinesen here and a little pseudophedrin there would patch us up.  But no,  this week we are suffering full on trauma.  Significant blood loss,  blood pressure is down,  pulse is up,  weak and thready.  We as a team and a community are going into compensated shock.  No,  we arent dying.  No were not circling the drain,  but as far as competing in our division,  we're getting close. 

Im writing my post this week BEFORE reading Matty's or anyone else's.  Somebody(not saying any names) has accused me of re-wording other post's to create my own.  So here are my completely objective views and opinions. 

First off,  Im not gonna make this all about Henne/Penne but i am gonna get it outta the way quickly.  Yes we have QB issues.  Penne's shoulder was already suspect.  Rotator cuff injuries are no joke, hard to come back from, and an injury that will take away alot of throwing power.  When Penne was injured and taken out of the game,  my reaction was kinda like these guys.   It was like terror and joy all at the same time.  It felt like a ton of bricks was lifted off my back.   Finally the Henne anticipation was over.   I thought henne played like he should:  A 2nd year guy who hasnt started even 1 game in the NFL.  But i saw good things from him.  The best and most noticeable thing was his arm strength,  theres no doubt he can throw the ball 50 yards effortlessly.  The other thing i liked about him was his ability to keep plays alive.  It seemed like the O-line wasnt protecting him too well when he came in,  but he kept plays going with his legs and evasiveness(even if he was 3 yards past the line of scrimmage on that pass).   What i didnt like was the play calling he got.  He handed the ball of i dont know how many times.  Most of his passing plays were throws to recievers less than 10 yards away.  One set of downs really irked me,  when we were on the San Diego 5 yard line.  1st down: wildcat.  2nd down: wildcat.  3rd down:  Henne pass......HEY HENNE,  NO PRESSURE KID.  It just seems like Dan Henning was not setting him up for success.  The prophecy has been foretold.  They said Penne wouldnt make it a full year without injury...well here we are.  The time is upon us.  The stars have aligned and its time to start Henne.  Regardless if Pennington comes back healthy in 3-4 weeks.  Theres no turning back. 

Hey Dan henning,  you are making me sick!   I've got just the treatment for Dan Henning,  a bus ticket out of miami.  He is quickly getting on my list.  His play calling seems conservative.  Yes the wildcat is not exactly conservative.  But heres what he's done in the last two games:  start out with a long strike downfield,  then never go back to it.  Why??  Rivers took a few,  and connected.  Do you think if rivers misses one pass they never attempt anything over 20 yards again?  Doubtful.   And the fact that he continues to call for runs late in games is mind boggling.  Yes our run game is our strongest suit,  but hey when you're down in the fourth and times running out,  THROW THE MOTHERLOVING BALL. 

Ted Ginn:  DOA.  Time of death is 1900 hours 27 Sept 2009.  Man, Ginn was clutch getting us into good field, hang on....Ginn did a great job on 3rd and lo........wait its coming.....Ginn played like a disciplined reciever and didnt commit any penal.........ya know what, ill get back to you on this one. 

It seems like our run defense took their multivitams sunday morning,  while our pass D was out drinking all saturday night.  We got pressure on the QB a few times, but i didnt get the impression that they can do it consistently.  Darren sproles was contained,  we are definitely forming a trend here.  Pass D.   Whats up??  Two of those passes by rivers were so perfectly thrown,  i dont know if any CB's could have broken them up.  Our DB's are talented,  they just need to show it a little more. 

Our turnover ratio is in cardiac arrest.  However,  with 7 minutes left in the second quarter they produced just enough joules to defibrilate that barely beating heart.  We got our first takeaway.  The turnover margin was so crucial last year.  I hope they got the taste for blood on that one and will continue to try to force turnovers.  I noticed our D was constantly clawing at the ball,  trying to make it happen.  Keep it up.

Hey Channing Crowder,  stop crying like a kid who didnt get his lolipop at the doctors office.  You certainly dont get a lolipop from me.   Maybe i can break out the sutures and stitch his lips shut.  Let your play do the talking instead of begging refs for incomplete pass calls everytime the opposing offense makes a catch. 

The TE position is killing us,  on both sides of the ball.  Fasano got pulled.  Unless he had some injury i didnt hear about.  Joey Haynos replaced him,  with similar results.  Whats goin on?

The brightest light on our team still comes from the running game.   I cant get enough of Ronnie-smash mouth, beat em up, knock em down-Brown.  I cant even remember a Chargers defender making a solo tackle on him.  I remember this offseason people were actually on the "Trade Brown" bandwagon.  Someone needs to lay some C-4 on that wagon and make sure it is Non Mission Capable.  Ricky Williams STILL looks good.  He's playing at a high level, still knocking guys helmets off.  Gotta love him.  Unfortunately 1 dimensional teams dont get it done.

Time to start wrapping this up.  Where are we now?  We have finally entered that crucial stage of rebuilding.  We are playing our young QB.  The one who has so many hopes pinned on him.  Its Henne's time to shine.  The question of can we rebuild while still trying to win games now just got a little more complicated.  Let henne get his reps in practice,  let him get in a rhythm with the offese and we'll see how that pans out.  We're in a good postition to recock and come back out firing.  Next week we get the bills, then a bye-week.  Its not alot of time,  but its better than nothing.   Well Henne,  the bleeding is under control,  hopefully Tony Sparano will get you hooked up to a Saline drip opened full bore to replenish those fluids. 

My fellow Phinsiders,  its finally time for me to leave Iraq!  Im getting on that plane in 2 days.  They are projecting us to be home early morning of the 4th.  Its cutting it close,  but i have high hopes of making it to the bar for the Dolphins-Bills game,  Jet lagged or not!!!   Medic out!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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