Why the Sky ISN'T Falling

It is never easy seeing a game like we all witnessed on Monday night or this past Sunday, but this is what got me intereseted in the NFL in the first place...anything can happen.  Just when you think you have seen it all something crazy and different happens like the Bronco's last second win in Week 1. what happened on MNF or Favre's last second TD throw and of coarse the many Marino miracle comebacks that we were so fortunate to watch. 

So with this site being my support group for getting through the rough days that follow a lose I am going to do my part and point out the POSITIVES of what we can get to look towards. 

So for starters Remember last season when the Bills were leading the division to start the season at 4-1 or when the Jets caught fire and were SB bound only to flame out and get caught by the Dolphins .. AAAHHHH great memories.  While this season will be much more difficult to make such a comeback at least this year we will really see where the teams depth is at in all positions and really understand where the team is going in the future.

 Positives looking forward are pretty easy to pick out.

  1. Merling and Langford at DE position .. this guys are looking good, stopping the run and creating a pass rush.
  2. Smith & Davis.  Although Smith did get beat on the deep ball I'm pretty sure that was on Bell who was suppose to have the over the top help, a great catch regardless.  Davis made a nice play on the ball on an out throw which caught my attention ... now lets see a pick from this group.
  3. R & R Express.  Ronnie and Ricky have look amazing so far this season and while I'm sure we knew how talented they are its great to see it on the field. 
  4. Special Teams Coverage !!!!!! Darren Sproles didn't get a sniff at the open field.
  5. We got a Turnover !!!! ok maybe this isn't a positive but I had to put it in there haha

Areas of Improvement.  Simple Enough as we all have seen this a hundred times

  1. Linebacker play has been terrible this season in both coverage and rushing the passer.  WTF has happend to what once was our strongest link on our team???? I'm still confused by there play
  2. Oline play has been erratic but that is suspected I guess with a unit with two new faces (Grove, Thomas) in the line up .. I think this will improve as the season moves on.
  3. WR ... This is really beating a deadhorse so I'm going to let this one slide.  Lets see there play now that Henne is in the lineup and he can stretch the field a bit more.
  4. Lack of Kick Return .. I don't see why we don't put Ted Ginn back there to return the kicks because appartently he is pretty good at it.

The only real thing for me to do now as a fan is to see where this team goes from here.  Do they fight hard? or do they quite?

I'm really interested to watch Henne play this Sunday against the Bills as I don't believe Pennington will be ready to go.  I think it will be a better example of what we can expect to see from him in the future with the game plan and full week of practice with the starters to work on it. 

I'm sure we are all very frustrated as like you I don't think our record reflects the talent on our squad but rather some bad breaks and a tougher schedule .. do I need to point out all the experts saying "I told you so".   It blows cause usually these guys are way off but seem to looking smart so far in Septemeber .. so here is to the rest of the season proving them wrong. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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