Week 1 defense and week 2 offense meet today in Diego

Now wouldn't that be great, I would like to bring this up anyway, the week 1 D and the week 2 O each played well enough to win with a little help from the other side, they didn't get it, maybe it's the massive amount of installs they did but it seems to me we were not as prepared, but wait, that doesn't make sense, that's what this FO is all about and didn't our 1st teamers play more than anybody else in the preseason, then it occurred to me why, all those installs, thats why they played more in the preseason and thats why their a little behind now, at least thats a good guess I guess.

Now what we should all be hoping to see is both of them showing up every week, think about that for a sec, how good would we be if we did that, scary good, that is exactly what I'm looking forward to seeing this week and the rest of the year, if we can do that then we are one of the best teams in the league.

Our CBs have played very well, both rookies have been very good, thats lucky for us, the odds are that one of them or both for that matter would take some time to develop and not be ready to play this early this much but our CBs have taken the WRs away from 2 good QBs, well done!

The safeties have been up and down, their overall play has been decent but some missed tackles take some points away from their performance, the D-line has played well, especially against the run, but it's the LBs, what we all thought was going to be the strength of this D, they are not playing well and are largely responsible for the TE coverage mishaps.

Lets face it, the LBs are not mounting a consistent pass rush and are blowing coverages, I mean we have guys missing tackles on plays where they blew the coverage, guys are looking bad trying to cover the LB gaffs, a person could laugh at that thinking back to the preseason and all the hype that surrounded the LB corps, but this just brings me back to those installs and the complicated schemes the LBs have, I think they will settle down and will be a strength, they are still  getting comfortable with their assignments and once they just stop thinking and start playing they will be a force.

The O was just as on last week as they were off the week before, but man were they on last week, that was one of the most impressive offensive showings we have had in years, along with the week 3 NE game last year, but in some ways this was even more impressive and this is more like what we expected to see, a dominant run game and an efficient pass attack with GOOD O-line play, 45 MINUTES OF POSSESSION IS SICK!

So lets all hope that the week 1 D and the week 2 O show up this week, because if they do we will blow out the Chargers, and I have a sneaky suspicion they will, remember we started the year 2-4 last year, and our counterparts this week, hell, they went 0-4 one year and went to the playoffs, and the SB I believe, so 0-2 is NOT the biggest hole to climb out of, keep the faith bro's!


ATTN NEW YORK AREA VIEWERS; The game will be on in the New York area thanks to our Jewish friends, Mosultof or something, lol, the Gi'aints and the steJ have to play at the same time because of the Jewish holiday, it's great!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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