The Chill Pill

I know alot of us are feeling sick.  Some of our immune systems are a little weaker than others.  Monday night certainly tested mine.  I dont know if its ever taken me so long to get over a loss.  So why was it so much easier to get over a 19-7 loss to the falcons?  Ill tell ya why,  its because we were'nt even in the game.  We had no shot.  This monday brought out the most intense of our fishy emotions.  WE WERE IN THAT GAME.  Until the final seconds.  Playing against the best QB in the NFL today.  It was like watching a stand up MMA fight.  It all came down to who could deliver the last blow.  That last haymaker that could take down the opponent.  Unfortunately for us,  Peyton Manning has fast and heavy hitting hands. 

Im hoping to make The Chill Pill a weekly installment.  The intention is to lift us up when we're feeling down,  and to bring us back down to earth when we are too high off a win.  I have no doubt we will be feeling pretty stoned a few times this year.  Take it easy junkies, im not that kinda Doc. 

Unfortunately this week we need an uplifting.  Some kind of stimulant,  Epinephrine maybe?  Auto injectors please!   Deep intramuscular injection into the thigh....hold for ten should be bouncing off the walls by now and not able to even THINK about monday.  So while i have your attention,  let me tell you why im not losing it.  (and no,  its not because im heavily self medicated)

In my MOOOOSA post i talked about similarities from last years game one.  This week,  i noticed one main general similarity from last years dolphins.  Im not going to get into numbers and stats and all that crap.  Im takin a cue from rzayo and writing from the heart/balls.  You choose.    We played to the level of our opponent.  We did it against the Chiefs, Forty Niners, and seahawks last year.  This year, we did it against the Colts.  We did it in primetime for the world to see.  Even at 0-2,  we have the attention of the NFL.  If we can continue to do that throughout 2009,  we are going to be in position to win alot of games.  

I said last week before the game that week 2 was not a must win.  I stand by that.  Although winning it would have taken alot of pressure off the Dolphins in week 3.  Are we in a must win situation againt the Chargers?  Doc's diagnosis is:  YES.  Yes,  if we hope to content for the AFC east,  we must win. 

The rebuilding issue.  This team is in a strange predicament.  We ARE a rebuilding team.  Simultaneously,  we are trying to win games now.  So what are we?  Can we rebuild while trying to win games now?  Doc's diagnosis:  YES.  Now,  are we going to be superbowl contenders this year.  Doc's diagnosis:  NO.   Anyone who believes other wise,  well,  you need a tranquilizer to get you off of cloud 9.   Here's your morphine,   and if you keep bitching, you're getting an "accidental" overdose.

In my job,  i am told to do the best for the most.  In the NFL you have to do the best with what you have.  I definitely believe we are doing that with our offense.  There are a few wrinkles here and there,  but all in all they are playing at a pretty high level considering the weapons we have.  Im not even touching on the defense this week.

I wanna end this by issuing an apology to KCsince88,  and whoever else i was bitching at directly after the game.  I was not happy with Ginn and i let it be known.  So KC,   here's some valium just for you.  Everbody else,  get a glass of water,  take your meds,  and dont get so far off the boat that you cant swim back.  I know this post came a little late.  Ill try to be more on point next week,  Until then,  Medic out.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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