Hello there dolphins freaks.  I know i said i wouldnt be able to post much in the coming weeks, but i ended up being stuck our here at saddamns palace for 5 more days, with nothing to do.  So i wanted to give my perspective on The Phins situation.  Sunday night i couldnt have felt worse,  it was like a unicycler  ran over my private area.  But after seeing game highlights,  reading countless post's and comments,  and reflecting on 2008,  i started to think more clearly. 

First i want to point out some similarities from last years opener.   Ill start with Long since he's a popular subject this week.  All of the stats below are from last years game 1.

Key stat
Dolphins rookie LT Jake Long, the No. 1 overall pick, was called for a pair of crucial penalties -- one for tripping and one for holding. Both negated first-down runs by QB Chad Pennington.

 Although long wasnt called for penalties on sunday,  the point here is that his 2008 week 1 was less than satisfactory as well.

       R. Williams 10 24 2.4 0
       R. Brown 6 23 3.8


The running game was similarly stagnant.  Of course,   The majority of blame for that should be and is on the O-line.

      C.  Pennington                                                      26       43         251         1td


Penne was actually more efficient IMO this year.  Aside from the INT he went  21 of  29.  However, similar stats.   If the Stallion doesnt cough up the ball in the 2nd quarter,  its almost a lock that penne has 2td's. 



Now on to the differences. 


   A. Fasano                                                        8                       84                1td


Where was this stud muffin on sunday?   He coughed up the ball twice.  He killed us in that crucial drive going into halftime.  He was extremely uncharacteristic.  Seems like he was trying to come out the gate too hard.  My take on it:  It was one game,  the stallion will return with a vengence.

    The use of the wildcat


Using the wildcat so early on,  in the midst of a productive drive,  was a mistake.   TS should have got that out of his system in preseason.  It feels like this was the 5th preseason game.   If this team can march down the field without resorting to trickery,  then lets do just that.


    The dolphins allowed more rushing yards last year from thomas jones than this year from michael turner.   


Obviously our defense has improved.   We allowed less rushing yards, against a better rusher,  and less points against a better offense in this years season opener.  


With all this being said, lets keep in mind that 2008 didnt start off on such a good note to include week 2.   I think it is way to early to sound the alarms.  Lets hang tight,  and keep our chins up.  

Some quick hits.  Special Teams.  I think special teams, despite our O-line woes, is still the worst aspect of this team.  Aside from Cobbs blocking a punt in preseason,  our ST's look awful. 

I am completely on Rzayo's bandwagon of "Just sign a big name already".  If we can get an Anquan Boldin,  or a Brandon Marshall,  then for the love of dolphins football,  lets get him. 


Well, im just kinda fading off here.  So im gonna leave it at this, and ill update  as my thoughts come back. 







This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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