"Next best thing" fans

Im sure that the talking has already started here and on other forums. Im sure there are a bunch of people screaming to dump CP10 or trade Brown or all kinds of other worthless craptastic ideas. I was reading a post today and read this from Fr8train :

There are 3 types of fans:

1) Next Best Thing Fan
You could be 15-1, and your star player has a bad game, and they want to pull him for the latest draft pick. These people are usually HUGE college football fans who don’t completely understand the difference in the game at the NFL level.

2) The Avid Fan
Everything is always rosy….We’re always going to the superbowl, we’re always 1 play away from the big turnaround….. This fan either doesn’t understand the X’s and O’s, or just likes the team colors…. but they support their team No matter what.

3) The Realistic Fan
This fan loves their team, but understands the X’s and O’s. They know that sometimes sack isn’t the QB or the WR’s fault, its a coverage sack. They understand schemes, and they can see beyond the stat line into what drives a teams performance. These fans are also avid fans, they support their team, but understand the bumps and bruises the team is going thru.

Too many Next Best Thing fans….

After reading this I realized I was not alone in my thinking. I had been thinking of doing a fan post on this topic for some time so i guess now is a good time as any right?

Being from Maine I have never been into college football as we don't get a real fair shot up here to go against the big boys (not that we could go against the big boys) so I don't follow college teams at all. Coming onto this site a year ago,  I could'nt understand how so many people were all about trading CP10.. or getting rid of R Brown for a draft pick. It baffled me that so many put so much faith in the draft. I wondered why at first. Keep in mind being from Maine I was always just a "long distance fan" of the Phins as I live way up here and never get to see them play live.. and unless they are on Monday night or playing the Patriots I hardly got to see them play on TV. I would follow them only by wins and losses over the season. However now the internet helps to stay better "in tune" with the ins and outs and weekly goings on of the team. Being here and reading some peoples opinions really blind sided me. "Trade trade trade" for this draft pick.. or that draft pick. Rarely did I see a "trade for an established player" mindset on here. It always seemed that people wanted to get rid of pretty good players for a draft pick or 2. I really did not get this mindset. Why would so many want to give up a good, maybe not spectacular but good player in hopes that the 2nd (or 3rd round) pick would be our saving grace? Why trade away a player that you know can produce in hopes that you may get the next epic player out of a draft choice? Then I realized who these people actually were.. all (or mostly) college football fans. College fans who think that every great college player will make the transition into the nfl and become the next Tom Brady.. Drew Brees… ect ect. Truth is that more draft pics end up a bust or maybe just ok (or good)  players then end up being an elite NFL star. In most cases becoming a top star in the NFL takes time. Very few college players transition and become epic the first year or 2. When all these “next best thing” fans say we should get rid of CP10 for a 2nd rounder.. or dump Brown or Williams for a 2nd rounder I try to remind them that Tom Brady was not a 1st.. or 2nd.. or 3rd or 4th.. or 5th round pick.. he was a 6th round pick #199 overall and look at him now. Just because someone was a beast in college does not mean they will thrive (or survive) in the NFL.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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