Animal's den

welp another week has gone by and some interesting things have come to pass.. 

so pull up a rocker.. kick off ya shoes..take a swig of shine and listen to ole animal spin a tales.


first thing that comes to mind is the young woman who accused big ben of sexual harrasment.. which has now become rape.  first things first.. she DID NOT report it to the police.. she just filed a civil suit for the hefty sum of  over 400k  now i dont know how things work in the big city..but i have to say here in the hills i have been around  enough hog pins to know when something smells.  i kept an open mind in thinking ben could have done what the girl claims he done.  but this is starting to look an awful  lot like gold digging to me.  i think is she wasnt going after such a large sum of money i would be more  apt to believe her side of the story.


now  for mister tom brady and mister bush..  i have one thing to say to both of you.. WHAT THE SAM HILL BLAZES ARE YOU THINKING????  i mean good lord guys  to dump those two smoken hot chicks?? i hate to break it to ya but is screams GAYNESS!!! on both of ya's parts.  and tommmy to dump her a day before her birthday?? god dude ya could have waited like a week at least. hell you bypassed the mandatory birthday humping.  as stupid as that is  and the pats think you are going to take them to the big game  lol  not likely buddy.  anyone who would pass up free birthday sex can not take you all the way.


and glory be have we FINALLY heard the last of farve watch??  now if they would only shut up about vick we could all sleep at night again.


and finally we come to this new fangled thing called twitter.. we find out it has been hacked.. and we also find out that  teams are jumping on the bandwagon in not allowing it to be used during practic.. i sometimes wonder what the powers that be are thinking? i mean for one.. take the dolphins practic. over 3000+ folks showed up to view it.. dont ya think that at least one of bellychick's spys could be in there if he wanted to put one there?  what ya gonna do frisk 3000 people.   i picture bill leaning over and whispering in tony's ear.. then tony snaps his fingers and a army of thugs  pours through the crowd taking away all cells phones, pda's, and blackberry's.  they reason it is to keep game day secrets from other teams. ummm  maybe they didnt notice that they practic outside.  ever heard of a satalite?  yo ugot something you dont want other teams to see aint that what they make the practic bubble for?


welp fellow phins fans.. that about wraps it up for this installment of Animal's den..  yep i had to drop the toe nail pickens.. i was getting nasty looks from matty and my wife was  upset that she kept steping on them.


tune in next time when we answer the Question is finster really a squerril with big nuts or really a hamster with his nuts in his cheeks.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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