Notes from Tampa

So I actually took the 2 hour drive from Orlando to Tampa to make the game. I got there late.. about 10 minutes before a 45 rain delay. What luck. In total I watched

about a quarter of football at Raymond James Stadium. However, once I got back home I sat down on my couch cracked yet another beer and watched the entire game AGAIN

until about 2 am. Here is what I observed first hand...



In all, it was a pretty sloppy game. Our offense relied on a couple of big plays to score and our defense played just well enough to win. However, the Dolphins really

didn't play as bad as many of you have stated. I'm not saying they played great in anyway but the score could have been more lopsided if the ball would have bounced

our way more often. Also, we didn't put the nail in our coffin with stupid penalties like the bucs did. The O-Line played decent, but definetly gave our QB more time

than Tampa had.

Way too many 3 and outs. Our offense seemed a bit stagnant, alot of luck didn't go our way, and the Bucs seemed to control our ground game until Lex  Hilliard came in.

Brandon Fields looking to go to Hawaii in January 2010 with that leg.

Pennington played very charistic. Nothing too special to note, but got the job done.

Hilliard deserves a spot on the team, he continues to play very very well. Tough fumble though late.

Jason Ferguson looking very athletic for a big boy. Very good game for JFerg.

Henne wasn't looking like a starting QB.

Vontae Davis had a quiet day, Sean Smith continues to shine.

Our whole O-Line collectively played very well. Run blocking was good, but the pass blocking was better; Pennington usually had alot of time to look for receivers.

How about Patrick Cobbs on Special Teams! A block and another tackle on a punt.

Quentin Moses has a nose for the football. We will see more of this guy.

Luck wasn't on our side.. we made two great defensive plays to force 2 fumbles and the ball bounced in favor of tampa. We won this game but still lost the TO battle.

Bess made a GREAT one handed catch, but it was just out of bounds.

Gibril Wilson is always looking to hit someone. Always.

Our 3-4 blitzing scheme is unreal, we have so many guys that can get to the QB.

Langford looked good off the end.

Offensive Game Ball:
Brian Hartline- made an unbelievable catch between the corner and safety which was erased by the most rediculous OFF Pass Interference call I've seen this year. Beat

the corner for a big play on a playaction fake which set up our first score. This guy was our 2nd drafted WR, on day 2 of the draft and he has a chance to start week 1

over Bess and Camarillo. Unbelievable.

Runner Up: Entire Pass Protection of Offensive Line

Defensive Game Ball:
Sean Smith- had a couple plays where he was a bit out of position, but for a rookie corner this guy played all day, and missed all last week with the flu. He was on

their #2 and pretty much shut down every guy he went up against including a near INT. He really continues to impress and I really don't feel worried if he was to start

week 1 as our #2 corner.

Runner Up: Quentin Moses

So all in all, it was a rainy, sloppy game, but the Dolphins had some bright spots and played good enough (mostly defensively) to win.

Your Miami Dolphins are now 3-0, and even though it is the preseason, hold the best record in the NFL.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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