Take on tonights Preseason Game

This is what I'm hoping is going down in South Flordia so that my mind will be at ease after watching this last terrible performance by the Dolphins tonight. although I can never call a lose a terrible so lets say BELOW AVERAGE!!!!!!


  1. They are not putting out the best defensive or offensive calls becasue they are grading out players still. 

I dont' know any other way to describe how vanilla the play calling seemed tonight and I am really hoping that just like in practice how specific players were targeted I'm praying the same was done tonight.  On Offense the run plays surprised nobody and went nowhere and anyone not named Hartline didn't have a great pass thrown there way (although this could also be blamed on the rain haha).. Can anyone here name a defensive line star on the Bucs?  Because they were all made out to look like Pro Bowlers tonight.  Once again I'm hoping this is all because we didn't want to show our hand and keep things simple althought it did seem like Tony got pissed and started blitzing every down after the rain delay .. atleast we looked good then. The play calling leads me to these players were getting strong looks tonight: Hartline, the entire secondary, Merling, Starks, Wake and Moses.


             2.     The O-line was sandbagging in the second half .... well the whole game. 

This performance was the worst I have seen,  ronnie brown is doing spin moves in the backfield just so he could gain a yard.  Is it just me or was Rex Hadnot a better guard than Justin Smiley?  It seemed like nothing ever went for a gain to the left.  Also is Jake Grove that much of an upgrade over Satele?  did the Trifecta out think themseleves with this move?  These are some of the first thoughts that go through my head after they coudlnt' produce a first down on a 3rd and 1 against the Bucs 2nd unit D and than on the next drive Polite having to fight for the first.  Just gross .... So my thoughts to make me smile are they are tired and didn't care as much as they should have so basically laid an egg.  I will forget how they ran and just remeber the Panthers game haha


           3.    RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN

I thought i was the one who has lived in the rain soaked city of Vancouver yet all I have had is sun while every single Dolphins game has had rain or thunder .... when is this ever going to end?  I all i want to see is the team play a game in good weather so i don't see another ball sail or more slop play.  SOOOOO Happy the first game of the season will be played in the Georgia Dome


On a positive note I did think Hartline looked great and so did the passrush and defense for the most part and to finish this off I do have to ask one of the opposing QB's to please hold on to the ball a second longer so my boy Wake can get a sack .. three games and three QB hits with the ball being thrown away as they are been taken to the ground ARGH !!!!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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