Fins @ Bucs

Well here it is, preseason games 3, the dress rehearsal for the regular season against our old preseason enemy the Bucs. We play them every year now, and this year it's the big preseason game, so I decided to go a step further and do a regular season game card.

The Buccaneers

On the offense they are trying to find out who is going to start at QB, Leftwich or the other McCown, Luke, evidently they don't think that Josh Freeman is ready yet.

The return of Ronnie's old college buddy, Cadillac Williams, he seems to be ahead of schedule and is looking very good, the Bucs will definitely be looking to run the ball with their uncertainty at QB and a healthy Cadillac will be very welcome indeed.

On the defensive side of the ball they have some players, some older but a lot of younger guys, the elder statesmen are Ronde Barber and Chris Hovan, the only two 10 year vets on the Bucs defense, and young guys like the stud ILB Barrett Ruud, they also have a Bo Ruud at LB, no relation I think, and a bunch of guys that like to fly around, another decent test for our Fins.

The Dolphins 

Chad and Ronnie take center stage tonight, along with the O-line and WRs and every one else, but those two were easily our best players on offense last year and they will be relied upon heavily this year to take us where we want to go. 

Of course they can't do their jobs if other people don't do their jobs, so what is it that we need done so that we can succeed on offense.

For Chad I think he will be looking at finding a go to receiver, some one he can rely on in a tight spot, last year it was Camarillo but he is not 100% yet, so who will it be, Bess is my guess, he just seems to get open, but Chad will be looking to start to spread the ball around and become a more versatile passing offense, we were efficient last year, we'll have to be better this year. That will also depend on the O-line, speaking of the O-line.

Ronnie is looking to have a big season, a year removed from the injury, in the best shape of his life, he wants to make his mark on the NFL. The O-line is really who takes the center stage in this, but that is always true, but the way to measure an O-line is by offensive production. 

The Defense is not going up against a power house here and we should control the game on that side of the ball, enter Porter and Taylor, they should be able to disrupt the passing game here, with the less than stellar candidates they will see this week, and our secondary will remain somewhat untested, because they have yet to be tested.

Our front 7 has looked very good applying pressure and stopping the run, but pressure would be better for us right now with the young guys at CB, the more pressure we get the easier it will be for those guys, our secondary has not been tested so far and has not looked great, not horrible, but not great either so they need to put together a good game against a weak QB situation to dispel some of our fears.


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