Panthers @ Fins

Last week I picked London and Bess on the O, and Wake and JT on the D, to me Wake stood out the most, but none of them had a bad day, lets try it again shall we, with nicknames this time.


On the O, I'm gonna take Chris (sand crab) Williams and Chad(the Arm) Henne, both of these guys were up and down last week, but both rebounded from bad mistakes in a very good way.

The Sand Crab had two early gaffs, a muffed punt, he should have caught that ball but he was on a dead run, just sayin at least he wasn't just sitting there waiting for it, it is harder to catch a punt when your running like that.

At this point in his career and the season, I'm not gonna kill him for trying to make a play, I'm talking about the punt he fielded at the 4yd line, no, you do not want your returner doing that, but everyone knows a kid in his position may not get many chances, and he erred on the side of aggression, but he did it with conviction, I wouldn't be surprised if he had said to himself, NO FAIR CATCHES, he never hesitated on his returns, even the one on the 4, he was going the whole time, can you dig it, fearless, good quality in a returner.

The Arm had a bad INT and sprayed a couple but the weather is worth mentioning, look they don't call the games for weather so you have to learn to play in it, but stuff happens.

Ricky dropped a beauty of a TD pass from the arm of the Arm and that 3rd down play when he stood in the pocket delivered a perfect throw knowing he was going to get smacked, and he maintained his form, he didn't "flinch back", gutsy, can't teach that, big arm, can't teach that, can't teach this kid anything ;^J


On the D, I'm going with Chris(crosshairs)Clemons and Quentin(plup fiction)Moses, both these guys had solid games and played with confidence.

Crosshairs is gonna make some big plays this preseason, ballhawking and ballstalking, this kid has big play written all over him, I'd like to see it today.

Pulp Fiction was quietly a beast in the last game, really showed some push and motor, he is playing angry, and evidently he plays better when he's angry. 


So what about you guys and gals?

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