The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We were definitely more prepared and disciplined then Jax, that is nice to see in the first preseason game, which is notoriously sloppy, lets just hope we keep that up, in truth that was our defining characteristic last year.

The Good
Sean Smith was very good in coverage and looked like he had done this before, very nice INT, one of the biggest plays of the game.
He is a smooth fluid athlete, of course we have to see him against better WRs, but he looked very good in this game.

Cam Wake applied consistent pressure all night, he put the QB on the ground at least twice, put his hands on him a couple more times, and had a few hurries besides those, also generated at least 2 false starts. 
It was clear that he was quite a handful for anyone who was trying to block him.
Wake was in on two of the biggest defensive plays of the game, at the end of the first half he ended Jax's drive with a false start on 3rd down, and after they walk the penalty yds off he runs right past that same guy and gets what should have been a sack or an intentional grounding, and the end of the game, on that last play where JAllen of all people, knocked down that pass, CWake was lying on top of the QB. 
He made several tackles including a couple of ST tackles, actually he made the first tackle of the game on the opening kickoff, of course we need to see him do this consistently, but he might be the goods.

Chris Williams and the WRs in general had a good day, I put CWilliams on top because he was very explosive on returns and quite possibly did more for the offense than anyone.
Obviously those two punt returns early were not good, but he responded in a big way with several very good returns including one that was called back.
So now this guy that no one had considered a candidate to make the team has become a serious threat to some WR on our roster, I'm thinking this cements that 6th WR spot if he continues to make returns like the good ones and eliminates the bad ones.

Ginn, Bess, Turner, Wilford(WR/TE), London and Hartline all had decent games, Ginn and Bess are clearly the two best WR right now, IMO Turner and Camarillo are locks, if CWilliams is that good a returner he is gonna make himself a lock, thats 5, one spot left.
In this corner, BLondon, and in this corner BHartline, AArmstrong is out IMO, with Ginn and again IF CWiliams, they would have 2 small fast guys, and he certainly didn't help his case by dropping the only pass that came his way which just happened to be Pat White's best pass of the night.
BLondon and BHartline both made a couple of ST plays, and both made one catch, draw.

The Bad
The run blocking was not great, the Jags have some good people up front so I'm not going to kill them over it, but it is worth mentioning, the line didn't play poorly, but they did not play good either, so all in all thats bad.

Vontae Davis wasn't good, i'd like to see him settle down in these next couple of games and start letting the game come to him instead of trying to do too much.

Pat White did not look good, I've heard more than a few people say that 3 of his incompletion's should have been caught, i've watched them a few times and I disagree, AArmstrong flat out dropped White's best pass of the night, but the other two are a different story.

The pass to Turner was just as much White's fault, that ball was way too hot for such a short pass, you would like to see Turner make the catch but at the same time White has to put more touch on that ball before he breaks some ones finger.

The other pass to Kimble I think it was, was again too hot, not only that but the ball was just a few inches over his helmet, it was all he could do to stick his arm up and try to get a hand on it, it hit his arm and flew up into the air and was picked, I would like to see the bruise on that guys arm.
White has got to get that ball in front of that receiver, Turner made a great diving catch on another poorly thrown short pass by white, or he might have only completed one pass.

On his rollouts he was being tracked down by DLs and LBs, and he managed to eek out a few yards against the bottom of Jax's roster on the ground, and he was gang tackled twice, he just simply doesn't have the speed or power to be an effective runner against NFL defenses, he was also arm tackled once, I think we can forget the wildcat for now, he is going to have to become a much more polished QB before he is going to be of much use, IMO.

The Ugly
VDavis's fair catch interference call will most likely end up being the bonehead play of the preseason for the Fins, I doubt it had any impact on the game, i'm just talking the sheer stupidity of the play, I've watched the game a couple times now and I watched that play a few times to try and find an excuse for Davis, there was none, he clearly saw the fair catch signal, he wasn't trying to tackle the guy, he was trying to strip the ball, WOWZAROONY, haha what?
Yea it was that stupid, trying to strip the ball after a fair catch, it's certainly not the end of the world but he had better get his head wired to his ass because he makes a lot of mental mistakes, he bites on too much, and he gave up on that one tipped pass, I'll give him a pass on the pass interference call because he clearly slipped, but he needs to start making smarter plays or should I say fewer dumb plays.

And that whiff of a block by Frye, he may have created a nice breeze for the fans but that was one ugly block, or should I say attempted block.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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