9 out of 10 experts agree: We suck.

Here we are,  just counting the clock ticks until preseason.  We are all feeling rather comfortable with our team.  Theres a sense of improvement and progression within our faithful Miami Dolphins community.   We have the most accurate passer in NFL history leading our team.   We have improved our LB's core.  We are coached by the runner up rookie coach of the year for 2008.  You all know the stats, and are aware of the upgrades we've aquired this offseason.  So now onto what really grinds my gears:  We still get no respect.  Defending AFC east champs,  much improved and highly motivated, say we will win 7 games.   Um,  what?  Now i know most of the agruements people will make;  "We like the underdog role"  and  "we are flying under the radar".   Is it just me?  Am i the only one who wishes one of these expert turds would say "Miami is the team to beat in the AFC east"?   Im not sayin crown us superbowl champs, but to give the title to the pats when they didnt make the play offs the year prior,  lets just say its the lack of respect that hurts the most.   (although betmakers sodomy is a close 2nd).   Here's a heartwarming quote from 
"Overall we predict a record of (7-9) for the Dolphins and a return to the cellar of what we believe will be a healthier AFC East."  Oww.  The cellar?  Whats next,  "Flipper is swimming in the toilet"?  If only i could express my explosive anger through this simple plain text.  Maybe its the iraqi heat,  but really i thinks its the Phin-haters that are getting to me.  

Here's what Alex Canales from thinks about our 2009 Miami Dolphins:  "With Tom Brady back in their division, a revamped Jets defense,  and of course T.O.  look for the Dolphins to go 4-10."  Is this guy serious??   Ok, so this guy is not and "expert turd" and neither am i.  But i say The Dolphins will have 4 wins by game 7.   Quote it.   I've come across only a few articles that project the Dolphins in a winning light.  But ALL of these articles are written by admitted homers and diehard Dolphins fans.   How about this one from Ryan Roslyn at  (what the heck is a gnome girl for that matter)

"4.) Miami Dolphins (6-10)

First to worst? Welcome to the AFC. The Dolphins had a great season last year no question, but a lot of players overachieved. Chad Pennington and Joey Porter enjoyed franchise seasons. While the offensive line is still relatively solid, and the running game full of potential, I think the passing game takes a big step back this year.

They drafted like they were the Colts or Steelers, picking up situational guys in early rounds, but they aren't and this season will prove it."

Theres one more little things thats getting to me,  that is the fact that almost everyone is putting the Jets about 2 games ahead of us.  I mean, really?  The NY Rex's,  with no proven QB and more question marks around their team than douche bags in the stands of their stadium?? 

Allright, i know im getting to the point of rambling and redundancy,   so ill wrap this up by saying,  that we will win AT LEAST 9 games this year and make the playoffs with a wildcard or better.  2009 is a year of respect ladies and gentlemen.   Lets get it. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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