Training Camp Preview Part 5: Wide Receivers

The fifth part in Miami Dolphin Nation's training camp preview takes a look at the most scrutinized position on the Dolphins offense. The main reason is because the unit did not have a so called go to guy who put up big time stats and as a whole Dolphin wide-outs only produced five touchdowns. Twenty-two players had more receiving TD's than Miami's entire group. However, the Dolphins still had productivity in the category with the tight ends having 11 TD's and got 4 from the backs, so it is not like Miami's passing game was deficient at all. Miami had more of a spread it around offense as Pennington got the tight ends and backs involved heavily in the passing game, however there was really only three receivers that produced much at all: Ted Ginn Jr., Greg Camarillo, and Davone Bess. So, it is said that the unit did not have a true number one, and they probably don't, but even if they did have a guy like a T.O. or Andre Johnson it is unlikely he would put up great numbers in this offense. So, the guys the Dolphins already have may be much more talented than the media portrays. However, it was very clear that the Dolphins seriously lacked depth. When Greg Camarillo went down with the torn ACL, Miami's passing game took a serious hit and only Ted Ginn Jr. and Davone Bess where the only guys producing. Really without another quality guy the Dolphins had to line up players like Patrick Cobbs in the receiver slots. In the draft, they added Patrick Turner and Brian Hartline, guys who aren't expected to ever be big time stars in this league. There really were'nt any big time guys left when Miami was on the clock, but they might have got just what this offense needs; depth to the position now with possibly five guys who can come in and make an impact.

Projected Depth Chart

1. Ted Ginn Jr.: He finally got some of those critics off his back as he finally was able to produce some, after a dismal rookie season. While, he is still considered a bust by a good portion of the media, Ginn led the Dolphins in receiving yardage with a very respectable 790 yards and even contributed in the running game rushing for 2 TD's off of reverses. These are still modest numbers for a number one in this league, but again on this spread it around offense I think it is very encouraging for the once very dissapointing draft choice. Teddy is still very young, but we are starting to see glimses of what he is capable of and I think will eventually develope into a guy who will go for 1,000 yard seasons in the Chad Henne era.

2. Davone Bess: His resume at Hawaii was unbelievable. Davone set school and WAC records and was the primary target in one of the most prolific passing attacks in college football history. However, going into last years draft his game was not supposed to translate into the NFL. He ran a very disappointing 4.6 40 yard dash time at the combine and scouts were thinking he was just a product of the Hawaii system. Davone went undrafted, but was given a chance by Miami and his game translated quite nicely in the pros. Bess ended up third in receiving yards with 554 despite only starting six games. Bess may be undersized and run a slow 40, but he is a guy who gets the most out of everything he has and just knows how to play the game and is true football player.

3. Greg Camarillo: He would most likely be ahead of Bess of it was not for him tearing his ACL. You just don't know how he will come back from that especially since the injury happened kind of late into the season. Camarillo was leading this team in yardage when he went down and if he is 100% by the start of the season would challenge Ginn for number one reps. Greg is another guy who went undrafted, but he is just going to work harder than the next guy. However, if he is not the same after the injury expect the rookies to come in and get some more opportunities and possibly bury him on the depth chart.

4. Patrick Turner: Many of the experts did not like this pick when the Dolphins made Turner their 4th round selection. However, the case for Turner is this; there was not a can't miss guy left on the board when Miami picked so they went with the guy who would suit this offense the best. The Dolphins desperately needed a red zone target with only 5 TD's from the wide-outs, so the best fit was the 6'5 Turner who is just that. Being the huge target he is Turner accounted for 10 TD's last season for USC.

5. Brian Hartline: Put up very mediocre numbers in his last season in college, but that might have a lot to do with the Buckeyes quarterback Terrelle Pryor being more of a running quarterback. Hartline put up much better numbers his junior season and if would have came out early probably would have went higher in the draft.

6. Brandon London: Started one game during the regular season and was used sparingly throughout the year. Did not produce much during the season, but had a solid performance in the Wild Card game vs. the Ravens with 4 catches than 38 yards.

7. Brennan Marion: Is an undrafed rookie free agent out of Tulsa. Put up great numbers at Tulsa with back to back 1,000 yard seasons including an incredible 31.9 yards a catch his junior year.

8. Chris Williams: Another undrafted rookie free agent. Williams played his college ball at New Mexico State and has the potential to be the second fastest WR in Dolphins camp with a 40 yard dash time of a mid 4.3. Williams was a great kick returner in college and might have to impress in that category to make this roster.

9. Anthony Armstrong: Spent last season on the Dolphins practice squad and also spent time in the Arena Football League since graduating West Texas A&M in 2006.

Position Battles: There really is no exact battle between two players, but this might be the most competitive position in this years camp. There is no telling the way this might shake up. Greg Camarillo could end up anywhere from one to five, and Bess, Turner, and Hartline could end up anywhere from two to five. The only person that should really feel safe as a starter woud be Ted Ginn who will either be a one or two. The competition should get the most out of this group, with there really not being a whole lot of it on last seasons unit.

Roster Spot Battles: The number one through guys are going to make this team. The three established from veterans from last year are a lock and so are the two new drafted rookies. However, Brandon London, Brennan Marion, Chris Williams, and Anthony Armstrong will all compete for the final roster spot. Like a lot of positions the winner of this battle will have a lot to do with who contributes more on special teams. London had a solid contribution on special teams last season and probably has the edge on Armstrong, but there is just no way of telling how the rookies will fare.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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