more toe nail picken from your local animal

welp as camp  draws very near and who here is not excited about just to get to talk some real football. i happend to check out the new rankings from fox.. so i thought i would share them with you


they took at look at running backs. recievers, o-lines, and QB's  so i am going to give my two sence to them


ok starting with running backs.

they put our RB's at number 10..ok i think it is about time someone saw how good  the ronnie/ricky express is. and at leaast  the pats wasnt any where in the top 10. pantwhers took the number one spots..ehhh well ok i wil give that they do have a pretty good rushihng attack.   but i certainly dont think the cowboys should be in the top ten or the jets for that matter..


next up was recievers..

they put as near the bottom.. at 29  ok what the hell is this.. ya sure our recivers are not big names or have one hot shot buy.. but come ON 29.. at least when our guys was thrown the ball they caught it..we had very few dropped balls last y year.. our guys are not big names but they got the job done when it came to them.. so to fox is say in big bold words " SUCK IT YOU HAVE NO CLUE" 

ok now up is the oline

they put us at 15 ..................15??? we had the fewest sacks then any one last year.. what the heck?? our top pick proved his is a great  linemen.. jake long rocks  and i love that guy.. yes granted we did have some dept problems but all and all i think our o line did a fine job.. but to put the jets o line that  pisses me off.. i think our o line put them in the dirt.. again fox look at the recivers comment at the end... it applys here as well.


last up was the QB's

they put  chap  at 13...what???? 13... you have got to be kidding me.. he had a sterrler year last year.. one if the best rankings..the fewest interceptions.. the best passer rating... the fewest turnovers.. and all he gets is a 13  my god man what kinda writers do you have on that site?? and if you use some sort of panel hid away in a room.. i say get them dumb asses out to see a real football game..geeezesss what more do he have to do to get any respect??  i mean hells bells they put brady at number six and they didnt even play last year... stop smoking the crack pipe fox.. that is just retarted.  they even put romo and trent edwartds over him.......beed u say more about the morons at fox??? jesss guys get a grip and really take a look at  the games played... did you even watch any football last year.. cause if you did your brains must have shrunk and you totally forgot who did what..  my biggest gripe is putting tom above us when he wasnt even playing last year..


welp that is my toonail picks for this week.. tune in again next time when i go over romors reasons for breaking up with one of th ehottest women alive.. just take  look at the music video for that movie dukes of hazard.. where she washes the genral lee.  still makes my toes curl to watch it..


and last but certain least.. yes i left the not out cause this is really least on my list..

the toe sucken writers at fox who has no idea what football is al about... maybe i wil send them naked pics of my wife...


welp that is all for now from you friendly local hillbilly animal.. take care drink some shin and see ya come game days..

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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