Season Game Predictions

We are at the point of the summer where we just can't wait for the football season to begin.  Therefore, as I sit here bored out of my mind, I have decided to make predictions about this coming 2009-2010 season based on what I know right now.  Let me make one thing clear, I am a huge Dolphins fan and am completely against my predictions.  No matter what, I will always root for the Dolphins and never be happy if my predictions are correct.  I am actually rooting against my predictions.  If I predicted with my heart the Dolphins would be 16-0 in this post, but unfortunately, the tough schedule will never allow that.  Enjoy and feel free to give feedback.


Game 1 at Atlanta Falcons

The first game of the year is finally here. Unfortunately, the Dolphins will suffer a tough loss on the road to the Falcons.  The young secondary will have there hands full with the pass attack.  The running defense however will be efficient. Offense starts off a little shaky. Final score, 17-27

Game 2 Indianappolis Colts

I absolutely love how this game is in primetime.  The Dolphins will play much better this time.  The mighty Colts will prevail however in an overtime thriller.  Chad Pennington shows why he contended for MVP last year.  The running game struggles though. Final Score, 24-27 OT

Game 3 at San Diego Chargers

Another tough matchup for the Dolphins.  They'll stop the run and avoid the big pass play. Defense will win this one.

Final score, 20-10 

Game 4 Buffalo Bills

Dolphins will protect the ball and make clutch defensive plays when it counts. T.O will be shut down by the maturing secondary.  Final Score, 24-14

Game 5 New York Jets

Dolphins are on a 2 game winning streak and it will continue versus the Jets.  The Dolphins will capitalize on Jets turnovers and win easily at home, 27-10

Game 6 New Orleans Saints

This will be a shootout.  Brees will assault the pass efence but so will Pennington and Brown will have a big game through the Wildcat formation.  Home field advantage is a reason why the Dolphins survive. Also, this rested team off a bye week helps. Final Score, 37-35

Game 7 at New York Jets

The hot Dolphins will continue their streak by narrowly defeating the collapsing Jets.  Once again turnovers decide the game.  Final score, 21-13


Game 8 at New England Patriots

Tom Brady is back and so are the Patriots.  Tom Brady leads the Pats through the air to a comfortable victory, breaking the win streak and potentially setting up for a dissapointing ending to the season. Final Score, 17-35

Game 9  Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This game is won or lost by defense and turnovers. Fortunately the Dolphins escape with a hard fought victory thanks to the defense. Final Score, 17-10


Game 10 at Carolina Panthers

Dolphins struggle to score while the Carolina running game tears apart the Miami defense.  This tough away game costs the Dolphins.  Final score- 10-24

Game 11 at Buffalo Bills

Dolphins dominate the Bills on all spectrums.  This romping of the Bills will be one of there last. Final score, 23-0

Game 12 New England Patriots

As always, The Dolphins play the Patriots tough.  They force turnovers and protect the ball.  The wildcat works to perfection while the Dolphins compile a season high of yards on the ground.  Final score 24-21

Game 13 at Jacksonville Jaguars

Dolphins lose to the Jags through sloppy offense and flat defense.  ALthough its close, it was clearly one sided for the Jags. Final score, 14-24

Game 14 at Tennesee Titans

Dolphins defense step up and shut out the Titans for the first shut out of the year.  This by far is there best game of the year. Final score, 16-0

Game 15 Houston Texans

The Dolphins just cannot beat the Texans.  A shootout goes to overtime and the Texans prevail. Final score, 35-38

Game 16 Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh is a tough matchup for the Phins.  The defending superbowl champs win.  The Dolphins just couldn't come up with a clutch play. Final score, 13-20


My predicted final record is 9-7.  Not too bad considering the schedule.  Let's hope for the best and have a good season.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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