Who are your Top Five?

                         Nine days away from the start of training camp, once that gets going we'll start jonesing for the real season to start, and once that gets started It'll be over all too flippin quickly, it's like that every year, except 07, that was just brutal, but it takes forever for the season to start, and then, BAM, it's week 13, your on the edge of your seat for every game, wondering where your team will be seeded for the playoffs, or if they'll be in the playoffs at all!

WOAH... OK.... lets slow down a bit shall we, where was I,.... thats right, nine days away from the start of training camp, lol, carried away much? But everyone remember to savor every bit as much as you can, because it's a long off-season.

                      Now to business, your Top Five, I am going to count them all up and see who the Phinsider Phavorites are, and will post the results Aug. 1st, now the list I would ask my fellow Phinsiders to make here is, the Top Five first year Dolphins, doesn't matter how they were acquired or if there not a rookie, just that this is their first year with the Fins, also any player who has not made the 53 man roster, ok, fine, by that I mean Anthony Armstrong, yes technically it's not his first year, but since he hasn't made the 53 man roster I think he should be in the discussion. And since Jason Taylor is coming from a different team, lets throw him in there too. OK, Chad Henne and Donald Thomas are added to the mix.

And to make your Top Five list more in depth, rank them as well, 1 to 5, who will do the best at 1, and then on down the line to 5, biggest impact in the preseason, and at the end of preseason we will see how we did. 

I am not going to put my reasons why for the guys I picked up here in the post, but please feel free to do so, I will most likely be sharing my reasons down in the thread, so we would like to hear your opinions, if you feel inclined.

So who are your Top Five first year Fins ranked in order of impact in the preseason? here's mine.

1. Cam Wake 

2. Jake Grove

3. Patrick Turner

4. Chris Clemons

5. Vontae Davis

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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